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1    Preface
Opium Poppy Cultivation, by John W. Allen

In the mid 1970's Jack Girard had just re-opened Dr. Feelgood's Head Shop in Seattle, Washington, the oldest paraphenalia shop in the Pacific Northwest.

Jack had sucessfully built a small business out of selling opium poppy seeds, Rock Crystal Incense and other natural herbs through an ad placed in High Times magazine. Because of the success of selling the poppy seeds, Jack commissioned me to write for him a book on Opium Poppy Cultivation.

So with pen inhand, I went to the University of Washington Library and put together the following text, text which was later re-edited by Mr. Girard and originally published as by "O" and now reprinted here for all to remember.

This book is dedicated to the memory of the late
Jack and Cindy Girard of Dr. Feelgoods.

John W. Allen

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