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5    General Information
Opium Poppy Cultivation, by John W. Allen

The contents of ten to fifteen pods seems to be about the right amount for one high if eaten. It takes considerably more if smoked.

Remember opium is illegal in most of the world. It is also addictive so be careful not to become a slave of either the drug or the state. It takes a fairly long time to develop a physical dependence, but opium is a pretty nice high and it would be easy to start using on a regular basis. Use a little self control.

In addition to being smoked or eaten alone, your opium can be used for the preparation of opiated marijuana. To prepare the solution, you will need about 1/2 cup of ether. This can be purchased at any chemical supply house. Alcohol may be used if ether is not available. Simply dissolve about three or four grams of opium in the solvent. Soak or sprinkle the opium solution on the pot to be treated.

Allow 30 minutes for the ether to evaporate before returning your smoke to its bag.

If alcohol is used, two hours are required for drying. Always use adequate ventilation when working with any flammable solvent, especially ether.

Laudanum, a tincture of opium, was very popular in high social circles around the turn of the century.

It was used by practically every English author at that time, as well as statesmen, diplomats, and anyone else who had a liking for it. Opium was legal in most western nations until the early twentieth century, and Laudanum could be purchased at any drug or general store.

To prepare Laudanum, simply dissolve as much opium as possible in a jug of pure grain alcohol.

Everclear works great. Do not use denatured, wood, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Purchase your alcohol only from a liquor store or from a reputable moonshiner. Laudanum tastes absolutely terrible, but some things are worth forcing down. The main advantage of Laudanum is that the alcohol acts as a preservative, and helps to maintain that "just picked" freshness in your opium. The alcohol also pre-dissolves the opium so that it enters your body more efficiently.

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