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Peyote Journal Articles & Abstracts

Effects on Alcoholism


Botulism linked to peyote storage technique, by H. Hashimoto, MD; V.J. Clyde; K.L. Parko, MD
New England Journal of Medicine Vol 339 (No. 3) July 16 1998



Peyote in the treatment of alcoholism among American Indians, by Bernard J. Albaugh; Philip O. Anderson
American Journal of Psychiatry Vol 131 (No. 11) Nov 1974; 1247-1250

Peyote, a potential ethnopharmacologic agent for alcoholism and other drug dependencies: Possible biochemical rationale, by Kenneth Blum; Sanford L. Futterman; Paul Pascarosa
Clinical Toxicology Vol 11 (No. 4) 1977; 459-472