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The Peyote Foundation
P.O. Box 778M
Kearny, Arizona 85237

Mail : Leo Mercado

In 1996, a legal precedent was set in Pinal County, Arizona when authorities returned several hundred peyote cacti to the possession of Raven and Leonard Mercado, non-Indian, sacramental users of peyote. In response to the issues brought into view as a result of this case and the conservation crisis in which the peyote plant finds itself, several concerned people have united to form The Peyote Foundation.

A sacramental conservatory, library, and research facility is an idea whose seeds, literally, have been sprouting for several years.

Services The Peyote Foundation will provide include:

EDUCATION 1. To provide information concerning peyote and the peyote religion that is documented, scientifically accurate, and politically neutral. This service will respectfully present the cultures and individuals that value peyote for its spiritual and/or medicinal qualities. In addition to providing a complete listing of current federal, state, parliamentary, and provincial legal references, this non-denominational, non-discriminatory public service will viligantly report and defend the right of each and every individual peyotist to practice their religion. We at the Peyote Foundation look forward to working cooperatively with enforcement and regulatory agencies, religious organizations, and researchers who may benefit from our services.

CONSERVATION 2. To initiate conservation efforts for the peyote cactus itself. The Peyote Foundation will provide the facility to develop intensive propagation methods which will help insure the genetic safekeeping of the species, the sine qua non of the peyote religion. We will also seek to establish a land trust to provide a preserve on which the peyote plant and the traditional peyote pilgrimages would be protected.

INSPIRATION 3. To function as a religious order charged with the care, cultivation, and veneration of the peyote cactus. We believe the act of cultivating peyote to be a religious function in and of itself. Therefore, it will be our blessing and responsibility to lovingly steward the sacrament.

Membership in The Peyote Foundation is available and encouraged, as are donations of time, labor, love and other resources. Your donations at this time are especially important and will help support our initial efforts: including the construction of greenhouses, the publication of the foundation newsletter, and the development of peyote museum and library. Please contact the Peyote Foundation for a list of specific items that would assist these efforts.

The following membership options are available:

Subscribing Membership- $25 per year ($35 outside US) Receives foundation newsletter. Associate Membership- $40 per year Includes a newsletter subscription and invitations to foundation meetings and events.

Supporting Membership- $100 per year Includes above and a handmade ceramic peyote mug.

Devotional Membership- $500 per year Includes a news letter subscription, invitations to foundation events, and a mug and pitcher set. This set consists of six mugs with peyote\animal designs with matching water pitcher.

Founding Membership- $1000 Subscription, invitations to membership events, plus a complete six place setting (27 piece) peyote dinnerware set.

The Peyote Foundation has applied for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We welcome all comments and inquiries, as well as donations and other support.


PO BOX 778 KEARNY AZ 85237