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Basic Information on Nutmeg
by Various Authors

From: Harold Jason Mulkey
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Make drinking NUTMEG EASY!
Date: 20 Feb 1994 09:27:47 -0500

I know not many of you in here like nutmeg, but for those of you who do, but decided you couldn't handle the shitty taste, this'll be a big relief for you I hope. For those of you who put up with this shit in milk, or right outta the can (real brave mother fuckers) you're gonna be immensely pleased with this trick. I tried it friday afternoon, and now I'm still a little floaty this sunday, at about 9 am. I sent this message to someone in response to a question concerning how I managed to put this stuff down. So in one of my drunken/stoned states, I was making lemonade dacquiris (try this too if you drink. Something about lemons blocks the rum flavor and you can make the drinks VERY strong without noticing the alcohol) and I thought about what makes nutmeg such a nightmare to ingest, and it hit me that it's the texture. If I could mix it in with something that didn't allow it to stand out, and be so noticable, I could drink it without worrying about gagging. So here's the post.....

I discovered a nice little trick that's gonna work I think. If you've just been taking a spoonful and swallowing it, you're gonna love this. Make a frozen drink, and put your nutmeg in with it. Say make dacquiris, or for me, I use lemonade, then ice and booze if you feel like it. What makes this work is not that it covers up the TASTE of the shit, but it masks the TEXTURE. That's what makes you gag, the fact that it clings in the back of your throat and irritates your gag reflexes. If you make this frozen drink with nutmeg in it, the little chunks of ice are about the same texture so you don't notice the contrast so much. Also, the drink is so thick that it holds the nutmeg pieces and doesn't allow them to stick at the back of your throat. This ALMOST made doing nutmeg as easy as any other drug. I put 2 oz. in what turned out to be 32 oz. of finished product, and I only had trouble putting it down when the drink melted and I had to drink what was at the bottom. In all, this method made eating nutmeg just a slight annoyance. If you wanna try nutmeg again, try this and it makes the experience much less hideous.

Fellow nutmeggers, you should definitely try this and tell me what you think. I know I'll be doing a good bit more nutmeg now that I can tolerate to drink the shit.


From: (caMel)
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: Nutmeg - a personal FAQ (of sorts)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 18:47:04 GMT

I've been getting a lot of mail, whenever I try to discount the poor results others have had with nutmeg, and just recently answered a piece of mail, and I thought it turned out pretty good. So, with that, I'm going to post my reply to him, here, as a sort of FAQ on using nutmeg. I keep reading of how people are trying to do extracts, milk-infusions, etc, and usually with disappointing results. Maybe this will help...

>I was reading USENET and ran across your message endorsing the use of
>nutmeg for certain people. I am curious as to how you take nutmeg, and
>how much. I am always curious about new drugs, and while I have seen
>friends have bad experiences on nutmeg, I don't want to rule it out.
>I have read the available information on hyperreal about nutmeg, but the
>reports are often contradictory. I'd like to get your opinion and ideas
>on the subject.
>So, if you feel inclined to respond, I'd love to hear your
>recommendations on how I can have the best possible first time doing nutmeg.
>Thanks for time.

Uh, sure. I only hesitate 'cause I've typed this so many times, and I'd hate to send you an impersonal form-letter of the bits and pieces I've typed. But for starters...

You MUST plan ahead for nutmeg. The effects last well over 24 hours. The hallucinogenic portion only lasts the first day, but the body-effects go well into the next day, usually 36 hours later. One guy I knew who did it his first time was "mellow" for that whole week. He was a type "A" personality and everyone kept telling him how calm he was that whole week.

It would also be good to do this with a close friend -- both on nutmeg. Some of the effects (the stranger ones like shared auditory and out of the body hallucinations/experiences) might be dependent on having someone who is close to you with you (like a best-ever friend). Otherwise you may never even notice some of the more elaborate things nutmeg can do. I also wouldn't suggest you use nutmeg for a rock-concert or rave kind of thing. To us (back in the 70's) nutmeg was more on the order of a spiritual kind of event if you can call it that. The campfire outing, or the overnight gab-fest seems to be the best kind of environments for nutmeg. Going out to a small bar while on nutmeg was fun, but it got boring due to the topics and sights (distractions) there.

If you've read my posts, you should know that the best way is to just use freshly grated or fresh-powdered nutmeg. Try to obtain it from a co-op as their supplies are usually fresher than in any grocery store. Then carefully WEIGH OUT 1 gram to 1.25 grams per 10 pounds of body mass for each person taking it. Try not to do more, and especially not for a first time use. There IS an overdose level to nutmeg, but to date we've not really ever heard what it was. It has an extreme central-nervous-system (CNS) depressant effect at times. If you are 150 lbs. try 15 grams your first time. Depending on your sensitivity to it, you may not need or want more, if you can tolerate it, you might want to up it to the 1.25 grams per 10 lbs. of body-mass.

We tried all sorts of ways of hiding its flavor, but there is none, (short of putting it into capsules, but the amount you have to take makes that a long-term project). Above all, DON'T try to put it in any liquid, cooked oatmeal, or whatever to help you eat it. Putting it in any foods or drinks only releases the flavor even more. Nutmeg is fine as a spice in small quanitities. In hallucinogenic dosages -- it takes on a puking-flavor quality of its own. We think it's similar to a combination of turpentine and soap. Be warned, that the nausea most experience is from the flavor only it seems. I've never become nauseated by it, but I've got a strong stomach and will. Others have become nauseated though, so be prepared to ignore its flavor.

Measure out the right dosage for each person, and then simply spoon it into your mouth, trying not to moosh it around in your mouth too much, and then wash each mouthful down with a large glass of water. The trick is getting it past your tongue before you can taste it. There are some warnings against nutmeg, in that it can cause "nutmeg liver" in which deposits of fatty tissue form on your liver. [Erowid Note: alcohol reportedly can cause increases in fatty deposits in the liver as well. See Alcohol Health] But due to its noxious flavor, nutmeg is not something you will want to do on a regular basis. In some ways, this makes it nicely self-limiting for any abuse. There are other contraindications to nutmeg (maybe others can add what they are). As with all things in this world, different people react differently to them. Nutmeg is no different. If you know or suspect you are chemically-sensitive, do less than the recommended dose your first time. No matter what new drug, I always approach with caution.

For the first 1-2 hours, you will probably notice nothing, except for the occasional nutmeg-burp (yuck).

About 3-4 hours later you will probably start experiencing a sort of alchohol and pot-like buzz -- lasting up to about 8 hours after ingestion.

After that is where the very strange effects of nutmeg start to kick in. It has a powerful "downer" effect, but more importantly, reality starts to take on dream-like conditions. I'd say on average, the best effects kick in about 9-12 hours after ingestion.

As examples: One time a friend told me to run an old "john denver" song through my head. I preferred NOT TO! but I thought what the hell, and she told me to close my eyes and envision soaring through the canyons and pinnacles like an eagle or a hawk while think/hearing the song (the name of the song was The Eagle and the Hawk). When in this downer/dream state, your daydreams take on VERY REAL qualities, like you are there. I opened my eyes and could only say "WOW!". Then as she smiled at me, I heard an eagle scream in her apartment behind the chair I was sitting on. We both looked startled and I said, "Uh, did you hear something?" She said, "Uh no, I mean, you mean that "mouse sound"?" And we both started to laugh, we were both trying to deny what we had heard and then confirmed we heard an eagle/hawk and heard it scream two times, in her locked, 3rd floor apartment, in the middle of town at 3am. (to give you a time-line here, I think I remember we took the nutmeg in the early afternoon the previous day, making this experience about 13-15 hours after ingestion.)

These "dreams" seem to be very easily controlled and often are very whimsical. Another example is where I had "dozed off" into yet another day-dream and found myself paddling down a beyoooteeful tropical river somewhere. It went on for what seemed to be hours (but was only a few mintues) and when I finally looked down at the boat I was paddling, it turned out I was paddling a giant peanut shell, I started laughing which of course broke other's concentration or topics.. Unlike other drugs, the hallucinations/dreams on nutmeg never seemed to be threatening nor ego-damaging. They were fun or mysterious, or just darned fascinating. Yet another time, with the "eagle-friend", we shared an out-of-the-body walk through some woods somewhere, again verified by later carefully comparing notes of the "dream", without trying to lead the other into answers we expected of each other.

See if you can sustain this nodding-dream-state as long as possible, i.e. the dreams and then comparing them with friends, which can lead to things like the shared spontaneous auditory hallucinations, (which seems dependent on going into and out of these states of mind). Nutmeg seems to initiate an other-worldy synchronistic effect of sorts. You can sometimes bring parts of your dreams into your reality or ... something. Dreams and reality truly do overlap on nutmeg. But you'll need another nutmegged friend to find that out. How can two people hear the same "hallucinated(?)" noise? Or share the same dream?

These kinds of effects started to happen on maybe our 3rd try at nutmeg (done months apart), but I've heard where others have had similar things happen on even the very first nutmeg experience.

Eventually, the "downer" effect of nutmeg becomes overwhelming (not to mention you've been awake for quite some time now) and one of your little nods into nutmeg-dreamland turns into a full-fledged snore-fest.

The next day, don't expect to do anything energetic. In fact, we almost enjoyed the next day more than we enjoyed the hallucinogenic part of it. Your muscles might be a little achy/stiff (like after a long hike, hmmm I wonder now if maybe we hadn't REALLY gone somewhere on nutmeg :) and feel generally tired and you'll want to do nothing but lay around, maybe share body-rubs, take hot-showers, drink herb tea, watch the fire-place, listen to favorite tunes, -- in short, a MAJOR kick-back kind of day.

Granted, this was the experiences that we "generally" had on nutmeg, but others have experienced nothing but nausea or just a light buzz is all. No two people seem to fully react the same way on nutmeg -- the reason for all the contradictory stories. I truly believe there are certain "nutmeg people" for whom this drug was meant. I hope you might be one of those people, because nothing I've ever taken has compared to a "nutmeg-trip" with a good friend. I wonder if, of the many people that say it had no effect, just started getting off on it and nodded into sleep-land instead of exploring it's effects. Most might be slipping right past the fun part with no memory of it the next morning. (I had a friend that used to do that on MY pot. used to piss me off, what a waste.)

Since I don't know who you are or your age, I hope you don't mind I add these words of caution. Even if the other people or person does not want to do nutmeg with you, try not to do nutmeg alone. Due to it's hypnotic/sedative qualities, it would be very easy to wander off and you wake up finding yourself in a strange place (which could be dangerous, or driving which could be disasterous). At one campout (just a few years ago), a guy wandered off chasing the coolest fire-fly he'd ever seen. We thought he had gone to bed. The next morning we asked him why he was up so soon. He said he just got back >from being lost in the swamp. He was fascinated by the hoards of fire-flies that night and just layed down in the dry swamp-bed to watch them. He could easily have gotten completely lost or if it had been cold, gotten hypothermia that night. Have someone watch over you, even if they too are on nutmeg. His first nutmeg experience turned into a fascinating trip with nature, he couldn't stop telling us how fantastic his night was -- but it could have ended up bad, if the weather had changed, if he couldn't find his way back..

I hope this has helped. If you have a good experience, let others know. There's been too few good stories compared to the nay-sayers. But when they are good, they are really good. I think most are just not doing it right is all. Extracts, milk infusions... in my opinion they're a waste of time and only lead to disappointment.

(I type fast, sorry to have said so much, but ya know? This one turned out pretty good, I should save it for a personal FAQ. :)