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P. azurescens Cultivation Report

Psilocybe azurescens (Astoria Ossip)
Submitted by DethHed

Azurescens Propagation Data Sheet

1. Geographic location of patch- South-Central Washington State

2. Date of planting- July 98

3. Materials used for bulk of patch- Alder woodchips, layed cardboard over bed Dec. 99, mycelium seems to love it! In addition to feeding it I think it will keep humidity up, I'll layer some more on top next spring or summer to try to get this patch to fruit again. I think the chips I used were a bit too small, they were for smoking meats and stuff.

4. Patch making method description- too deep, heh, probly 8 inches there was no info on growing these on the net when I started and planted them :). I think the patch is about 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. Theres a big bush right over it, I believe it's a lilac (some chips from the branches fell on the ground and the mycelium ate it up too, interesting). It also seems to like to grow under the grass on the edges of the bed. I covered it with a mix of soil and woodchips about an 3/4 in. deep (that was too deep I think). The spring after I planted them mycelium started to come up through the soil.

5. Watering schedule if any- It's usually very dry in this part of Washington. In the summer I didn't water much, since they're right next to a sprinkler and get thoroughly drenched when the water is on (about once every two weeks) then I went to once a week around September (when outside water was turned off).

6. Date of first flush- I noticed it on 11-21-99. Low temps usually in the 40's. I strong freeze before I saw it. I have no idea why they decided to grow so late. The only thing I can think of is the humidity. It did get up into the 80-90 percent range shortly before I noticed the first fruit. This place usually has very low humidity (I can dry shrooms bone dry in a drawer on a paper towel in a few days) around 20-30 percent.

7 Date of end of last flush- Picked 3 more today 1-02-00. A little bit bigger than the first, they were starting to turn blue at the caps so I just pulled them. These things are pretty hardy, all the other fungi around here have been gone for a while.

8. Total number of flushes- 2

9. Maximum size and/or weight of largest mushroom- Small, heh, I'm not really sure. No scale.

10.Total yeild- About 1 1/2 grams, hehe, oh well, I cloned the first fruit so I'll surely make a nice patch for next year :). Potency was excellent, probably equal to about 3 grams of good cubes. Very nice, euphoric trip, with a lot of laughter and even some nice visuals. I can't wait for next fall!! :)

Pill bottle marking location of Psilocybe azurescens fruit

A slightly closer look at the lone first flush fruit. Decaying cardboard fragments visible.

Picked mushroom with habitat of general area in background. Actual bed was planted just off scene to the right.