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P. azurescens Cultivation Report

Psilocybe azurescens (Astoria Ossip)
Submitted by Ananadam

1. Geographic location of patch

Location is Slovenia, Europe.

2. Date of planting

Middle of April 2000.

3. Materials used for bulk of patch

Beech,lime tree,huselnuts wood chips from planing machine.Big chunks of wood, not sawdust.

4. Patch making method description (depth, area covered, companion plants, mulch?)

The patch was 40cm and 20cm big hole in the ground.Depth was 10 cm.Bed was filled with soaked wood chips and inoculated with spawn from colonized beech shavings in autoclaveble plastic bag.Shavings were inoculated with chunks of Eric's guide cake.Spores were obtained from Teonanacatl,Austria.Everything was covered with dirt from around the patch.Like potting soil and planted with grass seeds.The shade of the patch was maintained with grape and blackberry plant.

5. Watering schedule if any.

There was only natural rain watering.

6. Date of first flush. (try to note temperature and rainfall at this time)

First pins formed on 17.10.2000.After a week of constant rainfall.Temperature at night was 5-10C.At day 15C.

7. Date of end of last flush. (try to note temperature)

Last flush was one month later.Around 15.11.2000.Temperature was the same like before but not so much rainfall.

8. Total number of flushes.

Two flushes.

9. Maximum size and/or weight of largest mushroom.

The largest cap was 10 cm in diameter.

10. Total yield.

Around five dry grams. Strain was Astoria Ossip