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Perlite Plus Casing Method
Mushroom Cultivation

PF-Tek Variation: (perlite and casing)

After cakes are fully colonized with mycelium:

Pyrex Casserole pan
pyrex or microwave safe container
Perlite to cover bottom of pan
Peat Moss
Oyster shell (calcium carbonate)
latex gloves
chlorine or other hand-sterilizing chemical

* Remember to practice sterile technique at all times *


  1. Create Casing Mixture: mix 1/2 peat moss, 1/2 vermiculite, and a small amount of calcium (oyster shell) and add water until moist, not wet.
  2. sterilize casing mixture (bake in foil covered pan in oven, microwave in plastic, etc)
  3. Pour 1/2"+ perlite in bottom of fruiting pan and add 1/4"+ of water in bottom.
  4. Sterilize pan with perlite (saran wrap over top and microwave, or foil and bake)
  5. Let pan and casing cool completely.
  6. Sterilize hands and wear latex gloves
  7. Crumble cakes (hands and/or sterilized blade) over perlite layer and cover with saran wrap.
  8. Let cakes on perlite stand for 24+ hours in darkened area until you can see mycelium growth continue.
  9. Cover crumbled cakes with sterilized casing about 1/2"
  10. Cover fruiting pan with saran wrap or foil and poke small holes.