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Subject: +==SHROOMS: PF tips + Questions==+
Message-ID: <>
Date: 6 Apr 95 17:06:14 GMT

The following are tips and questions regarding the P.F. method.  I will 
not reveal anything proprietary and I urge anyone interested to simply 
pay them their 10 bucks for their ideas.  Please only reply if you are 
familiar with the PF method or are knowledgable about mycology.

I have cultured a few jars in separate batches of four each.  I have 
learned a little with each batch, which was the plan.  I am just a couple 
of days short of the first projected "birthday."

1. I used both the low profile jars and the taller jars (all half-pint). 
Use the low profile jars/wide mouth.  There is less glass space for the 
mycelium to cover, it seems.  Also, somehow it seems to cover the bottom 
easier that way.

2. When mixing your substrate, add a little more water.  But dont let the 
consistency get mud-like.  By this I mean that when you load it in the 
jar, it fills in gaps without tapping it down much.  This is bad.

3. When is says tamp down the substrate lightly when loading it in, they 
must really mean LIGHTLY. The most rapid growth has been on the jars that 
when you look at it through the glass, the substrate isnt pressed 100% up 
to the glass tightly.  On the ones where I did pack it tightly, the 
mycelium started out aggressively, but ran into roadblocks. BTW, all 
substrate was mixed to death, I mean evenly. So I am thinking that it 
isnt a question of wet or dry clumps, but the loose/tight texture.  Any 

4. Instead of an aquarium, you can go to Wal-Mart, The Container Store, 
Linens'n'Things, or whatever equivalent store near you, and buy a jumbo 
or extra-big clear plastic storage box (usually intended for blankets).
I got mine for $9.99 and it has a snap-on lid and other nice features.
You can burn a small hole in the bottom for drainage.

5. The clogging of the syringe was a problem for me. shake it alot and 
use a small stick pin to unclog it (flaming to sterilize).    


1. For the jars where I suspect I have slowed growth due to substrate 
drying, how valid is this idea: Sterilize the syringes in the pressure 
cooker, and inject distilled water into the substrate?

2. For the jars where I have large areas uncolonized because no spores 
were injected (clogged needle, etc) when I did that side, could I 
re-inoculate after a week or two to speed things up?
3. For the jars where I have 100% coverage except for the bottom and 1/8 
inch around from the bottom, could I give them a premature birthday, cut 
off the stubborn areas, and return them to the jars to await final 
coverage? (all done in draft free isolation).

4. THE MOST WORRISOME QUESTION: I have interfaced a inexpensive humidfier 
to the grow chamber (spin-motor, not ultrasonic). Will the air it blows 
in invite contamination? It has a small filter, but I suspect  that it is 
not very effective.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Also, is 
it appropriate to punch small holes for the air outflow?

5. Finally, what light and temp. are best to bring on the fruiting stage 
in the grow chamber? I have heard that temp. should be reduced from the 
incubation stage.  Should there be further changes after fruiting begins 
for optimum rapid growth?