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PF-Tek Variation

Grain Substitutes

Hello. I've used the following grains with the PF-Tek with varying results

These grains are:

MILLET - found as bird seed. This stuff works pretty good with the PF but the only problem with it is that it's hard to grind to a powder in my coffee grinder and usually comes out half ground. This is ok and it doesn't hurt to use it as a whole with powder in a 70% powder 30% whole seed mixture. (Note: Moisture content is not very reliable as it varies from one bag to the next. must be re-checked each time.)


RYE GRAIN - This is what I use presently because I can get a 55 pound bag for only 10$ here. It's easy to grind and makes an excellent substrate by itself. I also use a rye grain abstract for my PDY agar to promote good growth.

very cheap-recomended.

BARLEY OATS - Works but has much variation in nutrient content to be reliable. I've had BIG flushes with this stuff and some pretty good flops too.

Not reliable for PF Tek.

WHEAT STRAW - If you grind dry wheat straw up and use in place or as a supplament to rice you will notice that fruit bodies are of a lighter color and varing potency. It's wicked cheap though and by itself and with a tray system you can produce more than you will ever need in a year in one flush. Must have extremely clean conditions to use a tray system as contamination loves this stuff.

very VERY cheap-Reliable but varies from bail to bail.

RYE GRASS SEED - I have found that you can use the PF to grow P. Mex. and P. Tamp. To do so use whole rye grass seed and mix with Verm. and bring the stuff up to a 75% moisure content. Adding some ground rye grass seed will help promote good strong flushes. This however, is still a light yielder and can just be done for fun.

recommended for P. Mex. and Other Rye grass seed lovers

PERLITE - This is not a substrate but can be used at the bottom of your terrarium to lock up condinsation and release it slowly into the air. Perite is puffed sand and hence has no nutritional value.

I've tried others with varying results. But Brown Rice and Rye Grain are still the least expensive and most constant grains for the PF Tek.

To increase yields I have found that using a single grain isolate suspended in Sterile water then injected works much better than spore water. yields are increased 10% to 30% using this method.