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Shroomdadi's Mycomachine

This page will show you how to clone mycelia in an eberbach-like machine, which is very easy to construct. Beginning mycophiles will want to visit the MMGG or PF's fine page to become familiar with the overall processes that this document intends to improve on..

Cloning mycelia is not at all difficult if the process of growing it has already been achieved. The benefits of cloning are as follows;


  • No spore prints to buy will save you money.
  • Endless supply of stock mycelia.
  • All fruits will be of a consistent strain
  • Mycelia breaks up small and prevents clogging syringe
  • Mycelia water can be liberally applied to substrate because it is in endless supply, this greatly reduces colonization period.
  • Shorter colonization time reduces risk of contamination



The author of this document does not advocate the breaking of laws. This information is intended for informational purposes only.. If you break the law and get into trouble it is your own fault for using this info for illegal purposes and I will not be held responsible. There are many legal strains of mushrooms to grow and I recommend trying this method with one of them. Furthermore I do not claim to be the inventor of the eberbach process or device. I have just come up with a cheaper way to take advantage of this great (but normally a bit expensive) method.


 Things you will need to get started;


  1. A regular cheap blender (Mine is a Hamilton Beach from Wal Mart , about $15)
  2. A regular quart or pint mason jar (tapered edges are ok here)
  3. A pressure cooker, steamer or whatever you use to sterilize with. DO NOT attempt this method in a microwave!


Getting started;

 Take the pitcher part of the blender off of the ring and blade attachment. Fill the jar 2/3 or 3/4 with water and screw the ring onto the jar. Check to see that it is water tight, it should fit perfectly on the mason jar, like this;


Now, loosen the ring , if you seal it and heat it the pressure will cause an explosion ! With the loose cap on, sterilize the water for about 1/2 hour at 10 psi. Let the jar completely cool before going on to the next step. When the pressure cooker is completely cool (that means room temp.) open it and screw the lid tightly on the jar. At this point the plastic ring may be a little warped. This is ok because it warps onto the jar. It will probably not fit on the pitcher anymore though, so don't do it to your only blender.

Now you have a jar of sterile water and a sterile blade inside. All you have to do is drop a petri dish or test tube full of mycelia covered agar into the jar and seal it back up. Obviously sterile technique needs to be used here, I recommend a simple sterile transfer box. Once the mycelia is inside, invert the jar and put it on the blender with the ring fitting into its usual place. Something like this;



  • the white blob is mycelia  

You now have a sterile jar with sterile mycelia and sterile blades. Blend the mycelia with 2 one second bursts. The mycelia will break up beautifully and now you can fill many syringes with the mycelia water. Use one of them to inoculate a dozen more petri dishes or a few dozen test tubes. Now use this stock to do many scores of syringes etc…Good luck, and may the mushroom guide you well……


 Here's some links I would recommend ;

The Lycaeum --- Top notch information for the beginner and the veteran
Erowid --- Equally as impressive
The North Florida Shroom Guide --- a nice little site run by a guy named cowboy

Anyone feel free to link to this page or reproduce it just as long as credit is given to the author.  

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