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Sacred Lotus Journal Articles & Abstracts



The mushroom and the water lily: literary and pictorial evidence for Nymphaea as a ritual psychotogen in Mesoamerica, by W.A. Emboden
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Vol 5 (No. 2) Mar 1982, 139-148

The sacred journey in dynastic Egypt: shamanistic trance in the context of the narcotic water lily and the mandrake, by W.A. Emboden
Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Vol 21 (No. 1) Jan-Mar 1989, 61-75

The sacred narcotic lily of the Nile: Nymphaea caerulea, by W.A. Emboden
Econ Bot, Vol 32 (No. 4) 1978, 395-407
(No Text Available)

Transcultural use of narcotic water lilies in ancient Egyptian and Maya drug ritual, by W. Emboden
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Vol 3 (No. 1) Jan 1981, 39-83

El misterio del loto develado, by E. Celia
Boletín de la Asociación Española de Egiptología, Madrid Vol 4-5, 1992-1994; 161-172
(No Text Available)