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Bits & Pieces
by Erowid

The "Bits & Pieces" section is intended for random snippets of information which don't fit
easily elsewhere and/or which have been newly added, but not yet carefully categorized.

  • Datura as punishment
    Datura has been used traditionally by the Mapuche-Huilliche and the Jívaro tribes of South America as a last-resort punishment for unruly children.1
  • Datura as smoked asthma medication: Asthmador
    In the mid-twentieth century, R. Schiffmann Company produced an asthma treatment smoking mixture, which contained Datura stramonium and Atropa belladonna, with an advertized "Total Alkaloids 0.23% to 0.31%". "To relieve the distress of bronchial asthmatic paroxysms", Asthmador was sold as cigarettes, as a pipe mixture, and as a powder, "To be burned and inhaled only". Usage directions with specifics regarding "how to inhale" were provided on the packaging. "Ask your druggist about Asthmador. Ask any druggist in the U.S. or Canada. He'll tell you that Dr. R. Schiffmann's ASTHAMDOR is always his best seller for relieving the agonizing symptoms of bronchial asthma. He'll show you how handy ASTHMADOR is to use--in powder, cigarette or pipe mixture form. Buy it from him today and experience welcome relief by inhaling ASHTMADOR's soothing, aromatic fumes." See images of Datura-Containing Products or the References Library.