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Stunning Huichol Yarn Art
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Desmanthus illinoensis

Calyx gamosepalous, campanulate, 5-toothed. 30-50 flowers per head.  Petals 5, separate or 
slightly united at the very base.  Stamens 5, usually long-exsert.  Pods oblong or lanceolate, 
thin, strongly curved or somewhat twisted together in a dense subglobose head, smooth; 
4-7 mm. wide, 2-5 seeds 3-5 mm. long, nearly as wide.  Perennial thornless herbs or shrubs 
with bipinnate leaves and whitish or greenish flowers in long-peduneled axillary heads.  
Stem herbaceous, 1-3 m. tall, strongly angled, glabrous to hirsutulous.  Stipules pliform, 
6-10 mm. long.  Leaves bipinnate, 5-10 cm. long: pinnae 6-15 pairs, 2-4 cm. long; leaflets 
20-30 pairs, oblong, 3-5 mm. long, often ciliate.  Peduncles ascending, 2.5-7.5 cm long.  
Petals about 2 mm. long.  Found in moist or dry soil on river banks, thickets, glades, prairies 
and pastures, on open ground near railroads and roadsides and on rocky open ground in 
U.S. between Rockies and Appalacians.