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Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Jerry Stratton)
Subject: Cooking With Mama Coca
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 1994 04:22:51 GMT

Going through my cookbooks last night, found an entry that might be of
interest to *someone*:

              *The New Larousse Gastronomique*
  The Revised American Edition of The Encyclopedia of Food,
                      Wine, and Cookery
                                         Prosper Montagn(e')
Copyright English text The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited
1977. (Crown Publishers, Inc., New York)

*ZABAGLIONE,* SABAYON--A cream mousse of Italian origin
which is used to coat hot puddings but which can also be
served in cups or glasses, as a sweet.

[The etymology of the word deleted...]

Beat together in a basin 250 g. (9 oz., generous cup) sugar
and 6 egg yolks until the mixture forms a 'ribbon'. Flavour
with 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar, orange, lemon or tangerine
peel, or vanilla extract.

Add 2(1/2) dl. (Scant (1/2) pint, generous cup) sweet or dry white
wine. Cook in a _bain-marie_ or in a double saucepan over a
very low heat, whisking vigrously until the mixture becomes
frothy and stiff.

[It then continues with variations on _Zabaglion_,

*Zabaglione (`a) la kola,* SABAYON (`A) LA KOLA--Prepare some
_zabaglione_ using port wine. When the mixture begins to
set, add 2 teaspoons of the following mixture: equal
quantities of liquid cola extract and liquid coca extract
flavoured with a littly syrup made from the rind of bitter

This _zabaglione_, which should be eaten very hot, is not
only a very tasty dessert, but also an excellent medicine.

The proof of the pudding is left for the reader :*)

Jerry Stratton (Finger/Reply for PGP Public Key)
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 flip 'em off."
                             -- R. Michael Litchfield