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MDMA cure for Cocaine habit?

>> I recently found out that a long time friends was begining to use cocaine.

Yes, I lost my best friend to Coke. He was needle hooked. Died 7 years ago. I too had a bad Coke habit, up my nose. Spent 10s of thousands, lost a business, a relationship. Thought it was gonna get me, I couldn't quit. Spent my money on blow before I'd buy food.

Then..... I did MDMA in 1986. That was it, no more Cocaine for me. That quick. X was what I thought Coke would be before I did it. Coke was so worthless, so expensive. X was so great, such a bargain.

Has your freind done Ecstacy, if not, now would be the time to introduce the two of them.

Hope your friend does OK, Coke has a built in punishment, can be fatal, usually just a big bad lesson.

Be a friend to him.