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                                       SINSEMILLA TIPS
	  from ISSUE ZERO - Mary Jane Flashbacks - August 1994
The planet earth has just passed the equinox which means the days are now
becoming shorter and the nights longer. A very important time in the lives
of happy growers. The plants life-cycle undergoes major changes as the grower watches with
patient anticipation. This is a short but concise account of the critical
time for the harvesting muller. What to look for, when to pick, and how to
prepare the buds; so they look great, smell delicious and smoke you into
fantasy land!!!

The cannabis plant regulates it's growth and flowering stages by measuring
changes in the number of hours of uninterrupted darkness to determine when
to flower. The plant produces a hormone (phytochrome) beginning at
germination. When this chemical builds up to a critical level, the plant
changes it's mode from vegetative growth to flowering. Male plants flower
before the female. The male plants should be removed to stop any
fertilisation occuring. A grower wants sinsemilla buds.

An unfertilised plant will continue to produce new flowers. The buds get
thick with the unfertilised flowers over a period of several weeks. The
flowering patterns begin to change, the stigmas begin to wither and change
colour. Next the ovaries begin to swell, however it's only a false
pregnancy. Here the glands begin filling up with canniboids. Usually the
heads will seem as though they will burst, showing the last stage of
flowering. As soon as the heads show any amber shade they should be
harvested, otherwise the THC will begin to degrade into two other
canniboids (CBL & CBN).

THC is the ingredient which is PSYCHOACTIVE!!! The other two are it's
precursors, which often leave the smoker feeling disoriented, sleepy,
drugged, and/or confused. The goal is to allow the plants to reach their
full potential, that is to obtain the highest amount of mind blowing
substance possible!!!

When a bud is picked, many of it's metabolic processes continue for a
while. The cell begins to convert carbohydrates back to sugars and break
down some of the pigments. Chlorophyll is one of the pigments affected.
Buds will appear a lighter green than when first picked. Some of the other
pigments break down to give the bud a red-purple or cream colour. The crop
needs to be dried slowly so that moisture remains in the cells to continue
the life processes. 

Since all of the vegitation is contributing moisture to the air,
ventilation is essential to prevent mould forming. While the plants are
drying, the large leaves can be removed. It is harder and takes longer to
manicure when the plants are wet. To manicure the budding area, large sun
leaves present are removed. The buds should now appear almost naked, except
for some single fingered leaves sticking out from between the flowers. To
enhance appearance these leaves can be clipped to the circumference of the
flower. Sun leaves are unsuitable for smoking, however they are useful for
cooking, brewing or extracting the THC to make HASH or HASH OIL.


Marijuana prohibition was initiated because of the people who smoke it. The
laws continue in effect today for those same reasons. Politicians do not
like people who think for themselves, are independant and who recognise
bullshit. They would prefer for each citizen to become a subject; a ward of
the state, who is dependant on the government for making his/her life
decisions. Gunja tends to let us develop different set perceptions, to see
the world a little differently, to change not only what we think, but how we
think. This is what scares the regulators.

Go forth and multiply
Have a MARY season

Raj - Profound Member