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Visionary Cactus Guide

Trip Accounts #02 (Combining Mescaline & Harmala + Melatonin)

Mickey writes:

I heard a story recently of a guy who combined San pedro cactus juice with Syrian rue extract.

Here is what he did:

A three foot length cactus was frozen over night. The next morning, the green outer layer of cactus was cut off and blenderized, the core was offered to the compost spirits. The pulp was then thawed and squeezed through a silk screen. The resulting liquid totaled about three cups of frothy slime. The solids were returned to the freezer for a later excursion.

At 8:30 a.m. an extract of harmala was ingested. It had been prepared using the salt/vinager extraction method, and was fairly pure alkaloids.

Thirty minutes later began the somewhat unpleasant task of getting three cups of bitter slime down. It was actually easier than some of the more watery brews he has ingested in the past, as the Pedro juice just slips down the throat. There was usually a string of slime that followed his mouth as it left the cup.

One hour later, the effects began. There was no nausea at all. Whithin three hours the trip reached a plus 3 where it stayed for the rest of the day. He spent the day outside in a nice wild setting. The wonders of nature were discovered anew as if he was a chid again. There were no strong closed eye visuals, though hearing was improved to hear the songs of San Pedro. The effects were very clear, and everything was alive with a new richness. There were no brain fry feelings that he has noted from past acid trips.

At 11 p.m. that night, the effects had diminished. He thought it might be time for sleep by 1 a.m..,but Pedro wasn't done with him yet. Sleep didn't come for another three hours. This was a good time to lay quietly without the stimulation that daylight provides.

The next day he woke satisfied but tired. It should be noted that he used 12 mg. of melatonin nightly for seven days prior to this experiment.

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