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Visionary Cactus Guide


Named after the small town of Islaya, located in the foothills on the Pacific coast of Peru.

I. minor ( Backberg ) -

Native to the town of Mollendo in the Andes foothills of Southern Peru. A very slow growing species with a solitary stem and 17 ribs, grows to 13 cm high. Has close set areoles with white - gray felt, topped by 20 or more sharp, slender, radial spines. Golden flowers to 2 cm across, bearing globular, hairy red fruit. The flowers form in the middle of the felted apical tip of the plant, clinging to it long after the blossum has withered. This species can also be classified as Noeporteria islayensis.

Contains: corypalline, hordenine, mescaline (.002%), 3-methoxytyramine, pellotine, phenethylamine, 3-4-dimethoxy-phenethylamine (.008%), tyramine, N-methyltyramine.