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Visionary Cactus Guide


The name of this Genus is derived from the Latin "ferus" for fierce, because of its viscious spines.

F. wislizenii ( Englemann ) -

(Candy barrel Cactus, fishhook barrel Cactus) Habitat is from southwestern desert of the U.S. and into northern Mexico. Very widely distributed. A spherical to columnar Cactus, bearing large fish hook like spines. Grows to 2 meters, and can have up to 25 ribs as an adult. Areoles are slightely sunken with brown felt and smaller radial spines along with the large center one. Flowers are with green centers changing to orange then red at the edges, bearing 5cm yellow fruit.

Needs strong Sun. Slow growing to start but does well under cultivation. Propagate by seed.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids.