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Visionary Cactus Guide


The name of this Genus is derived from the Greek "epi" for upon, "thele" for nipple and "anthos" for flower.

E. micromersis ( Englemann ) -

( Hikuli Mulato ) A small, globular, button type cactus with small white spines. Grows to 6 cm diameter, with low tubercles arranged in many spirals and crowned with radial spines. Sacred to the Tarahumare and Huichols of Mexico as one of the false Peyotes. Believed to make the eyes so large that one can see sorcerers and to drive evil people insane. It is believed to prolong life and give speed and protection to runners. Has small whitish or pink flowers and clavate fruit. Also called the Button Cactus. Native to rocky hills and ridges, limestone or igneous soils. There are only two known species of Epithelantha. Native to the Southwest U.S.A..

Needs a 20% lime mix for soil.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids and terpenes.