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Visionary Cactus Guide


A Genus of Cacti characterised by large quantities of fluffy, whitish hairs. The name is derived from the Greek "kephale" for head.

C. chrysacanthus -

Native to Mexico.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids.

C. senilis ( Haworth ) -

(old man cactus, head of old man Cactus) Native to the Hidalgo Guanajuato region in central Mexico. Large columnar, solitary stem, growing to 15 meters high and 40 cm diameter. Younger plants start out with 10 - 15 ribs, but that number will double when the plant reaches maturity. Closely spaced aereoles with 20 - 30 fine white bristles and one to five spines. Cactus will lose the hairy bristles towards its base as it gets older, giving it a bare appearance. Cream and red colored flowers, producing a red fruit with yellow hairs.

Cold tolerant.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids.