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Visionary Cactus Guide


This Genus was first described in 1860 by Lemaire. The name stems from the Greek "aporos" meaning impenetrable.

A. flagelliformis ( Sloan ) -

(Rat tail cactus) Native to the Hidalgo region of Mexico but has been introduced as far away as South America and Europe. It is a plant that is characterisd by a dense tangle of creeping stems up to 2 meters long and 2 cm thick with 10-14 shallow, slightly tuberculate ribs, each topped by an aereole with 10-15 short, reddish brown spines. Crimson, diurnall flowers that last for 4 or 5 days, blooming in late Spring. First classified in 1696 by Sloan, as Cereus minima serpens americana.

Needs well drained soil, plenty of water and a winter rest period. This Cactus makes a good hanging plant. Popular with collectors. Needs strong sunlight and ample water. Also requires a Winter rest period. Propagated by cuttings taken in the Summer.

Reported to contain unspecified alkaloids.