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Mescaline can be successfully potentiated by several other substances, a few of which will be listed below. Part of the reason why a peyote trip is different from a San Pedro trip, or one with synthetic mescaline is the mix of other alkaloids. Peyote and other cacti sometimes contain significant amounts of quinolines or other compounds that are known to potentiate mescaline, or at least affect the trip. The subjective effects of ingesting mescaline can be varied widely depending on set and setting and other compounds ingested concurrently.

LSD - When mescaline and LSD are used in combination, the recommended dosage is: 200 - 400 mg of mescaline with 100 - 300 ug of LSD. This combination has been described as smoother, more mellow, and giving a longer experience than each used alone. Some subjects find this to be a rather trying trip, considering it as harsh with unpleasant somatic effects.

There have been a significant number of studies in this area in the mid to late 1950's. After giving a high dose mixture of mescaline and LSD to 74 chronic neurotics in the early 1960's, some surprising results were discovered. After 6 months, 12 subjects showed marked improvement, 22 showed some improvement, and the rest showed slight improvement.

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Licorice Root - There is evidence that mescaline can be potentiated by drinking a tea made from licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra). 2 to 3 cups of strong tea are brewed and consumed at the start of or at the waning stages of the trip. It is said to increase the intensity of the experience by up to 3 times. This tea may contain MAOI's, so caution is advised.

Melatonin - I have heard a report that Melatonin ( available in most Health food stores ) will potentiate the effects of ingesting mescaline. The preferred and most effective method is to take 10-15 mg before bed, a week in succession before the trip. If this is not practical, 20-25 mg may be taken at least 12 hours before the actual trip. The later method works but is not as efficient as the week long method. It is said that the "7 day boost" used in conjunction with beta-carbolines (below) results in an "ultra-euphoric boost".

Beta carbolines - Several people reported to me that they had potentiated mescaline with Harmala compounds such as Syrian rue (Peganum harmala). The average amount ingested was around 3-5 grams of powdered or extracted seeds. Powdered seeds can be put into gel-caps to hide the intense bitterness. It is said that this method can increase the intensity of the trip 3 fold, and up to double the duration. It is said that frequent use of this combination will bring about a marked tolerance. Exercise caution as harmala compounds are MAOI's. The preferred method of ingesting Syrian rue is the water extraction technique.

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Ginger Tea - I have also heard reports that a strong tea made of ginger would potentiate the effects of mescaline. No further details available.

Solanaceus Herbs - Peruvian curanderos have been known to add Datura (a solanaceous plant) to the boiled San Pedro extract to give it stronger powers of divination. Contains atropine, scopolamine and other tropanes. Use these substances with extreme caution.

Moclobomide - There have been recent reports that this substance will markedly increase the intensity and duration of the trip.

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