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Visionary Cactus Guide


Orally - This is the most common, and traditional way to consume Cactus. Peyote is almost always consumed whole, slowly being sucked and chewed before swallowing. The fresh, frozen, liquefied, crushed, dried , powdered, whatever, portion of Tricocereus or Lophophora are taken by mouth. Details in methods of preparation section.

Pill - Another popular method of oral ingestion is putting the dried, finely powdered solid or extract inside of a number of large 000 size gelatin pills. Helps eliminate gagging due to the bitter taste.

Rectally - Several African cultures traditionally ingest hallucinogens via an enema. Although Western society imposes a social bias against this method, it is effective and safe. It also helps to alleviate a great deal of the nausea and cramping that can accompany oral ingestion. It is advised that individual enemas are used in a group situation, to reduce the chance of disease spread.

Vaginally - About half of our population qualifies to pursue this method of ingesting psychoactive substances. Moist, finely powdered Cactus material or extraction (make sure all solvent is evaporated out of sample) can be inserted into the vagina, and should be absorbed quite well through the lining. This method was used by witches in the middle ages to absorb solanaceous plant juices. Has all the benefits of an enema, just not as messy. Volume could be a problem however.

Snuff - I have read several reports of Mexican Indians grinding and snuffing different species of visionary Cacti. I personally would not recommend this method as it can cause irritation, sneezing, nose-bleeds. Many people find snorting as objectionable and would prefer a less painful method.

Injection - Pure mescaline can be injected for the desired effect. Not a practical method, as pure mescaline is now quite rare on the street. I would be very, very, sure of what I had before main- lining it. Also consider what filler if any is used.

Smoking - Peyote will burn after it has been well dried and powdered. It is then usually smoked in combination with marijuana. It is supposed to result in a light, lovely high that sharpens vision without causing a strong trip. High heat may destroy some of the alkaloids however.