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Researchers at Johns Hopkins seek responses to an anonymous survey on breathwork. You can participate whether your breathwork experiences helped or not.
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Psychoactive Amanita Articles & Writings


Amanita muscaria, by A. Hoffer and H. Osmond
an excerpt from The Hallucinogens, 1967; 443-454
(Online Copy)

Amanita muscaria: Mycopharmacological Outline and Personal Experiences, by Francesco Festi and Antonio Bianchi
Psychedelic Monographs and Essays (PM&E) , Vol 5
(Online Copy)

Divine Mushroom of Immortality, by Georg Heinrich von Langsdorf
Canadian Whole Earth Almanac, Vol 3 (No 1) 1972
(Online Copy)

When Gods Drank Urine, by Mike Crowley
Fortean Studies, Vol III, 1996
(Online Copy)