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Smoking Amanitas
by Alice Dee

Was especially thankful to one special person for introducing us to the wonderful state induced by smoked Amanita Muscaria. About 2 sq cm of the dried, peeled skin from the reddish cap were crumbled and smoked in a pipe along with a tiny bit of MJ to mellow out the otherwise rather harsh smoke.

Experienced a very nice alteration, somewhat akin to a strong MJ buzz without the loss of lucidity and memory usually noticed. Also, the cottonmouth effect of the MJ was pleasantly neutralized by the increase in salivation that the Amanita induces.

This Amanita/MJ smoking mix is highly recommended, especially as a stretcher, enhancer or even replacement for MJ. Was told that the effects from smoking this mushroom are significantly different from those experienced after eating it. Personally, had no noticable unpleasant side or after effects.