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Fly Agaric variety
(Amanita muscaria var. regalis)

The only information we've found about the morphology of A. regalis comes from the out of print "Amanitas of North America", by David Jenkins, Mad River Press, 1986. The following is excerpted from this key monograph. Thanks to DV for finding the reference and the quotes.

DV wrote in Jan 2004: "After speaking at length with RT [an amanita expert], it seems that the European Amanita muscaria var. regalis has been changed to species status: A. regalis.   The similar N. American variety may well be a different species, but that's a taxonomic matter for another day.

A. muscaria var. regalis is a variety of red Fly Agaric. Its Cap is dark red to reddish brown.

Jenkins writes: "Morphologically, variety regalis differs from the other varieties in the color of the pileus and volval material. I am not aware of any study to determine the toxin content."

Pileus description: "usually yellowish-brown to golden-brown, lighter toward margin...reddish-brown to yellowish-brown beneath pileipellis...volval remnants as concentric rings of floccose patches or as randomly distributed patches, yellowish to creamy yellow." [Jenkins 1986]

On the ground, under pine, spruce, fir, birch, live oak. They may grow solitary, scattered, densely, or in large rings in forests and at their edges. Often found in coastal pine forests.

Amanita muscaria var Regalis is known to occur in Europe and Alaska. It is listed in some field guides as occuring only in France. Uncommon to non existant in lower United States (?).

Amanita muscaria var Regalis is believed to contain ibotenic acid and muscim* alkaloids, although we aren't aware of any published quantitative analysis.

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