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Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam) & Date Rape
by Erowid

While "Ruffies" were and are called the 'date rape drug' by news media and talk shows, it has never been much of a sexual assault problem in the United States. The media successfully sold this characterization of Rohypnol to the public in the late 90s and was successful to the point that seemingly most people who recognize the name "ruffies" or "rohypnol" will only know one thing about it: its a "date rape drug". According to Karla Kerlin of the sex-crimes division & John Ramseyer of the narcotics division of the LA District Attorney's office, rohypnol is virtually never seen in LA. Ms Kerlin has said "I've seen no rohypnol in LA -- its virtually non existent as a date rape drug. The problem is GHB." This mirrors what other rape counsellors and prosecutors have said around the nation.

Michael Robertson (from the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office), said that the Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SoFT) has formed a committee to look at drug facilitated rape and "in San Diego less than 1% of the drug facilitated rape are flunitrazepam [rohypnol, ruffies]". CAT Conference May 5, 2000

While flunitrazepam (as with all sedatives) can be used to make someone very groggy or knock them out, it is not commonly used in the US for date rape. Mixing sedatives with alcohol can also prove fatal for the victim. Alcohol is considered the number 1 'date rape' or 'substance facilitated sexual assault' drug and according to these sources GHB and its relatives are now number 2.

Roche's Data on Drug-facilitated Sexual Assault