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Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: HARPETH1@ctrvx1.Vanderbilt.Edu (_VTA9390:)
Subject:  [Dramamine]
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 10:13:39 GMT

       On a different note, I've seen several postings regarding Jimson Weed
(Datura Stramonium I believe).  I was always curious about this plant, but
the effects described sound similar to Gravol (Dramamine), which I HAVE
tried.  I for one would class it more as a deliriant than a hallucinogen.
The trip started with a nice stoned feeling, but quickly changed.  When
staring at any white object (ceilings, and even cups or cupped hands) I
noticed a strange clear gellatin-like substance that seemed to jiggle and
spread towards me (looked a lot like the alien in the Predator movies).
While doing LSD or psilocybin, I have always been able to tell reality from
hallucinations.  This is not the case with Dramamine.  Several times I car-
ried on conversations with individuals before discovering they were non-
existant.  I saw people and objects that were not there as well.  Perhaps the
worst aspect of the trip was the auditory part.  I constantly heard my name
being called, and sound is magnified to a very uncomfortable level.  Speech
(even from myself) was not only loud and difficult, but VERY slurred.  Com-
munication was difficult due to the fact that I would forget what I was talk-
ing about in mid-sentence, and would finish most sentences off by saying "Uh,
nevermind...I forgot."  The amount of paranoia that prevailed throughout the
trip was unbearable: especially after I saw my brother rise out of a pile of
clothes in the floor to tell me that my father (who happens to be the head
of a drug task force) was calling me.  Maybe all of this was due to the fact
that I was alone for the majority of this experience (nightmare).  Definate-
ly a one time experience for me.  Not recomended for the weak of heart or
mind.  Especially at that dosage: 24 tablets!



Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Date: Mon,  2 May 1994 16:16:18 UTC
Subject: dimenhydrinate


    After seeing the posts on Marezine, I checked out anti-emetics in
general and anti-histamines, and came across the anti-histamine
hallucinogenic tendency.  So I got some dimenhydrinate, the local
Rite-Aid variety (cheaper than Dramamine), and paid four bucks for
two boxes of twelve at 50 mg each.  I was going to take them with a
friend, but another friend wanted to split them three ways, so we had
eight apiece (400 mg).  We were pretty tired before we took them (about
one in the morning), and especially with the anti-histamine property of
putting one to sleep, we decided to have some coffee.  We, being
stoopid, put a hefty amount of Bailey's in our coffee, which I think was
one of the reasons we didn't react much.  About forty minutes passed,
and we finally started feeling it.  When inquired about my head, I said,
"I think my brain shrunk."  It felt very odd--not light, not heavy, just
empty. :)  When spoken to, we would have a delay (five to ten seconds)
before we could reply, which started amusing me, but I couldn't seem to
help it.  I went to bed about two hours later (had a fun time walking
there, too), and tried to sleep.  I thought it was wearing off.  The dry
mouth thing was buggin, so I kept some water by my bed.  I had a hard
time going to sleep, especially when a couple times I was choking and
found it difficult to bring in air through my throat (as opposed to
through my lungs).  I am a MILD asthmatic, and I was just starting to
get sick, so that probably had something to do with it, but my friend
said he started having to _think_ about breathing.  I woke up about
seven hours later alive, but with a pretty good headache.  I only talked
to one of the other friends, and he said he was still messed up that
afternoon with the delay and stuff.

    I guess I'd try it again, but with no alcohol (I doubt what we had
was a very big factor, though) and more dimenhydrinate (to try to get
the hallucinations).  If anyone has tried it under better conditions,
please post (especially whether or not you had hallucinations), and
thanks in advance.


From: George Tatarsky 
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Dramamine question
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 01:20:17 -0500
Message-ID:  writes:
>I remember reading in the Natural Highs FAQ that high doses of Dramamine can be
>extremely dangerous...however I was recently told that if you take one whole
>box of Dramamine, that's 12 tablets, it's a major mind fuck...anyone have any
>more info about this, is 12 tablets lethal or severely dangerous, anyone tried
>it, etc.?  Thanks...
I believe the active ingredient in Dramamine is 50 mg of dimenhydrinate.
Check out:  Gardner et all. Dimenhydrinate abuse among adolescents.
            Canadian J. Psychiatry 1993; 38:113-116
To summarize, several cases are described where teens typically took 5-15
tablets (250-750 mg) at a time habitually for a year or more. The patients
were described as chrnically depressed and amotivated. Symptoms
"remitted with successful treatment of dimenhydrinate abuse". Based on
this paper abusing this OTC antihistamine appears remarkably safe.
I've taken 100 mg at a time and get a pretty strong, low quality, low euphoria,
"scrambled" type buzz which comes on at 45-60 minutes and is completely gone
at 150 minutes. You build up a tolerance very rapidly. This stuff would not
be the drug of choice for anyone with access to alcohol, weed, benzos, etc.
Maybe taking 500 mg produces a better quality experience.

Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Date: 7 Jan 1995 05:07:41 GMT
Message-ID: <3el7it$>

	Hello all, I would like to talk to everyone about a story..  
			The Camp Experience of Dramamine.

	It was this summer, and I was at summer camp, I am mentally 
addicted to pot, and have an addiction to speed.  Anyways, i went to this 
christian camp in misourri (Kanakuk?anyone heard of it before?)  Anyways, 
I went there and for about 3 weeks, I was sober, I started getting used 
to being sober and learning to handle it, but one day I just kinda bugged 
out and wanted some drugs.  I had always heard that if I took 12 
Dramamine I would trip, I had never tripped before this experience..  So 
I said what the fuck I 'll pretend to be sick and then I'll sleep in the 
nurses office, when they goto bed i'll digest this dramamine.  So I go 
in, the nurses say ok you can stay here to night..  I wait till they 
sleep, finally I go in and steal the bottle of dramamine and go back to 
the room that I was staying in [the infirmery], I popped 12 , waited an 
hour and then it didn't do anything, so I popped another  12.. [bad 
mistake].. Pretty soon my hand just started to wiggle.  Then about 10 
minutes later, the trip stopped being euphoric, and seemed like reality, 
I had forgotten that I took the Dramamine, and was completely out of it.  
I would go blank and not see anything for like 2 minutes, really freaky.  
I went out of the room to go to the nurse's fridge to get a drink, I 
looked outside, and god strike me dead a dark tree turned into a man w/a 
black overcoat, black beard and a low brimmed black hat walking towards 
me, then he turned back into the tree....  I was bugging out so I went 
back to the bunk bed and tried to go to sleep.  I was on the bottom bunk 
and noone else was on the top, noone else was in the room, suddenly my 
friends that I had met at camp [bunk mates] , their heads would swing 
down from the top bunk and start talking to me, it seemed so un-euphoric 
and real that I started talking back to them and they'd go away and i'd 
get really frusturated, I don't remember what happened after that.  The 
next thing I remember was waking up and not being able to walk straight, 
I was shaking heavily all over my body.  The nurse said good morning and 
gave me a cup of orange juice, not knowing I was fucked up, then suddenly 
I started shaking so much that the oj spilled all over me..   I forget 
what happened next, next thing that I remmeber was I was lying on the 
nurses lap in a big blazer and I didn't know where I was or where I was 
going.  The next thing I remember was being in the emergency room in a 
hospital..  They stuck an iv in me and I was totally out of it, they gave 
me drug tests, and luckily the three weeks that I'd been in camp took out 
all of the pot and speed in my urine, probably from drinking so much 
water b/c of the heat.  When the doctor was talking to someone in the 
next room, I could have sworn he was talking to my sister, I actually 
thought my sister was here, she was crying.  The doctor said 'I have 
found large quantities of thc in jeffrey's urine' but he really didn't 
say this nor was my sister there.  Then this was real: The doctor was on 
the phone w/my dad and said that I had a 'acute psychosis' and should be 
admitted to the 'Springfield, Missouri psychiatric ward'!!  My dad 
refused and said he'll come pick me up.
They shot me up w/ some shit andI left and they took me to mcdonalds, 
there I sat down, went to tie my 
shoelace but instead went for the nurse's sitting next to me and tied her 
shoe!, then I took my straw and put it in her drink.  We wen't back to 
camp and they called my dad.  My dad flew in immediatly to pick me up.  
While i was waiting for my dad the dramamine wore off except for one 
thing new, I was itching uncontrollably all over my back, so I ripped off 
my shirt and looked to see what was itching me, I thought I had spiders 
crawling all over me, but there was nothing, just bad itching.  My dad 
picked me up and I was fine.  I will never forget those two crazy, scary, 
and insane days of my life.  
	Does anyone know what happened that night, If possible could some 
one give me a detailed discription of what happened.  And if anyone had a 
similar experience or whoever has tried Dramamine, tell me what thier 
experience was like.  Could someone please write me private or here and 
tell me what went on, I have yet to know.  Till this day , noone knows 
what happened to me that day, they think i had a nervous breakdown.


	.. The Rainbow Father ..