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Date: Sat, 30 Apr 1994 14:26:11 EDT
From: Gordo 
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Marezine trip - Evaluation

OK, I saw the posts on marezine on the net, and decided to see if they
sold it at the local drug store.  Sure enough - they did - $6.09 for
a box of 12.  I took 7 of them at 10:45 PM (I wanted to be conservative
since I don't know anyone firsthand who has done this).  I went out -
after two hours, the only effect I got was feeling REALLY tired.
(Note - I'm 6 foot, 160 lbs, male, with no tolerance to any drug)I
went back home around 1AM, and took 3 more for a total of 10.  I
stayed in my room for about 30 min. then went out for a walk. I
wasn't really feeling that tired anymore, and felt dazed.

As I walked down a dark, quiet, back road listening to the Dead on my
headphones - I saw a glowing white ball.  At first I thought it was
a person, then I thought it was an animal.  It was about the size of
a basketball, about 70 yards away.  It was bouncing up and down and
back and forth.  As I got closer - I realized that the halucinations
had begun.  I was actually surprised - because after almost 3 hours of
nothing - I was hallucinating.  I looked up at the stars - and saw some
really amazing psychedelic patterns twisting and gyrating among the
clounds.  It wasn't anything like acid/shrooms - everything was just a
dull white (no colors at all with eyes open) but it was still very
cool.  Also it was different because occasionally I would just see big
flashes like a strobe light.  The best thing was the way the patterns
worked their way into the clouds - I'd never seen anything quite like it -
I would see the wild geometric patters flying around - then all of a sudden
the would go INTO a cloud - and the cloud would start glowing!  And then
the cloud would burst and all the zig zags would come flying out of it

After a while, I went back and layed in my bed.  I could see colorful
paterns with my eyes closed - but not when open.  The colors were only
simple red, yellow, green, and blue's, and the line patterns were
not too complex.  One cool thing that I could do was concentrate on
some object, for example a soda can - and I could see that object perfectly
clearly - and I would see my hands (this is all with eyes closed) and could
move the object around - I thought that was cool.  Then I actually heard
a woman's voice - I knew it was just in my head - but I she seemed to
have a mind of her own.  I talked to her - and she came up with these
funny respones out of no where - it made me laugh.  Eventually all of
the effects went away - but I could not fall asleep.  I did not fall
asleep till around 5 AM.

Overall, I would say its worth trying once, definitely different.  It doesn't
have that "deep thought" thing thats going on with acid/shrooms which is
kind of refreshing in a way, makes it more recreational and less spiritual.


From: (Anonymous)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: marezine : cyclizine hydrochloride
Date: 14 May 1994 15:29:58 GMT
Message-ID: <2r2qpm$>

In article <>, (Peter Dilley) says:

>marezine for a one time or possibly short term recreational use has come 
>to my attention.
>is the active ingredient, cylizine hydrochloride, which i presume is the 
>psychoactive substance, listed in any depth in nonprescription drug
>encyclopedias? How is it classified? Does it show up in recreational 
>books such as PiHKAL? Is it a tryptamine?
>the inactive ingredients in the 50 mg tablets are corn and potato starch, 
>dextrin, lactose, and magnesium stearate. I am assuming the later is for 
>anti spoilage and the rest for building the bulk of the tablet.
>the adult prescribed rate of injestion is 1 tablet every 4 to 6 hours, 
>not to exceed 4 tablets every 24 hours. what does the recreational 
>community use it [amount] : 4 tablets on empty stomach? at what level for
>180-200 pound individuals, or 200-220 pound individuals or 160-180 pound 
>individuals. Is the only side effect a supposedly psychedelic effect?
>please e-mail me any information that you might have to share on this.
>oh, what would this be classified as. Mild psychedelic as in THC 
>[cannabis] or Major psychedelic [LSD-25, 'Shrooms (Psilocybin/Psilocin)]
>Or a little over mild, a little under major, or middle?

Well, I'm a 160 pound individual and I took 9 of the marezine tablets (the box
contains 12, If I remember correctly).  It had some hallucinogenic
properties (lights seemed brighter, shadows moved around) but 
nowhere near as good as LSD.  My thoughts were a little abnormal,
but again, it wasn't as interesting as LSD.  However, the side-effects
were quite disquieting.  My eyes became very dry it seemed, and I 
had to blink often, so even when I saw something cool, I couldn't
concentrate on it.  The drug also made me very lethargic at first, and
I wasn't sure whether I was going to pass out or not.  This tired feeling
lasted for most of the "trip", and I would wonder into semi-sleep states
where I had something resembling dreams until I understood that I
was falling asleep and snapped out of it.  This scared me as I didn't
know whether I had overdosed and this was serious, or whether it
was just a normal side-effect.  Anyway, I didn't like almost losing
consciousness.  Finally, after about 3 or 4 hours, I tried to go to sleep.
I felt tired, but could not fall asleep.  After a while, I started to have
slight muscle spasms in my right arm which occurred whenever I 
didn't move for a few moments (definately not conducive to sleeping).
By now I definately wanted the effects to go away.  What I'm saying
is that Marezine provided some interesting visuals, greater than
Marijuana, but not as beautiful or interesting as LSD/shrooms, but
the side-effects were definately not worth it.  If you think you might be
into this type of thing, you might as well bang your head against a
brick wall until you start seeing spots or somehting; that's about the
level of enjoyment I received from it.  Stick to LSD if you can, if not,
get a Robo buzz, but I for one do not recommend Marezine unless
you actually do take it for motion sickness.


From: (Shadowhead)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Marezine (motion Sickness pills)
Date: 13 Dec 1994 08:25:57 GMT
Message-ID: <3cjlql$>

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I did not find the drug as pleasant. My friends and I each ate an entire 
box (12 or 16 tablets). We did not have a good sense of balance and we 
felt delirious. Sort of stoned and tipsy but not in a pleasant way. Also 
we could not communicate verbally. I don't know if it was because our 
hearing or our speech was fucked up, but everything sounded like mumbles. 
We actually had to sit down and write messages to each other to 
communicate effectively. We had to pee every 10 minutes. When we finally 
came down after about 6 hours, our bodies went into shut down mode. The 
entire next day we were all dragging ass. It seemed our bodies were very 
pissed off that we attempted to poison them. I recommend this drug about 
as much as I recommend nutmeg. 



Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: marezene
Date: Fri,  9 Dec 94 13:47:32 GMT
Message-ID: <3caqbr$>

 woah... i took some marezene after reading the post and.. oh
my gods, it was -wacky-! whoever posted said he took 16.. i only 
took 6. here's what happened -
 the effects began in 2 hours (while i was driving). initially,
only emotional effects ensued, very similar to those produced by
lsd - mood swing in the upward direction, and general lack of
concern for reality. a couple hours later i had auditory hallucinations,
including hearing things and an increase in the pleasure of music. 
at night i was very tired, so i went to sleep (i took them around 3pm,
went to sleep around 10, but i usually go to bed around 4am). the
next morning, i had only visual hallucinations - exactly like acid.
i havent taken enough acid yet to hallucinate alot, but i've seen
trails and faces take feline qualities - same as marizene. around 11am
it was over.
 anyway, i can only describe it as wacky, and for anyone who missed the
related post.. you can get it at any drug store next to dramamine,
and it comes in a multicolored box with a huge psychedelic spiral
on it. 

    peace, love, anarchy...

                                 *  * *     *     *
                        *   *    *   *  vlaad   *   *    *


From: A. Gerweck
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Marezine
Date: 19 Jan 1995 02:55:11 -0700
Message-ID: <3flctv$>

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I used Marezine a couple of weeks ago... pretty damn wierd.  I took 12 of 
them (1 box) and a little later felt a little wierd.  I could see mild 
hallucinations in the wall I spent some time staring at (although they 
were mild enough that they could've been imagined).  I was stuck in an 
unchanging room the whole time, so I didn't see much, but later when I 
finally got to leave toward the end of the trip, I saw about 10 imaginary 
people walking down the street, they would disappear as the bus I was on 
got closer.  Pretty Wierd Stuff!  The next day I felt pretty sick, but it 
wasn't too bad.  I'd like to try the stuff again sometime (maybe) and 
take 16 or so.

        A. Gerweck


From: Muse
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Marezine
Date: 22 Jan 1995 00:41:29 GMT
Message-ID: <3fs9jp$>

Although I may try it again ("Slipping into insanity is good for the 
comparison"), Marezine was not a very fun drug. Lot of gravity distortions.
In the opposite way of DXM. I felt very incredible heavy. Every part of me.
Got off balance a lot. Walking though Borders book store when it hit me. 
After I sat down it was so hard to stand up, my body felt so heavy. Then I
went crazy. Here's the rest of the description that I wrote sometime after 
it had happened. The dosage is 12 of the marezine tablets. I tried to write
during the experience, but my train of thought was so interupted by the drug
even a sentence was too long to keep in my mind to write it down.

                                       # # #

to slip into insanity is a very scary thing. i was sitting on the street. 
waiting for rene to get out of class. talking to my bag. convinced. thinking 
it was ben. seeing things not there. people. talking to them. like the other 
wingnuts on the street. sense of balance gone. intense gravity feeling 
everywhere. had to balance carefully. to not fall over. no thought. jump. 
concentration. lost. talking and making no sense to rene. i keep thinking 
rene is ben. and all these other people. why do i keep talking to them when 
i know theyre not there. the most frustrating part. knowing youre crazy. and 
not being able to stop yourself. i am incoherent. know it. cant. walking the 
streets before it starts. it begins. i try to write. i look now. so hard to 
read. no sense. logic. then. next few days. never quite back. next morning. 
still things. at work. watching my hands hit the keys. every day it lessens. 
but that fear. of never coming back. going out there. insane. on marezine.

                                        # # #

Trevor L., Muse