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The Experience of Light and Celebration
Rating :
Director(s) :
Dorothy Fadiman
Producer(s) :
Michael Wiese
Length :
30 min
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid : 1986(vhs)
Publisher :
"A sumptuous feast of visuals and music reveals the multiple facets of light which the sensitive narration weaves into a universal totality."
-- Review Journal of the American Library Association

"This is truly an experienc eof beauty that offers a unique message to each viewer."
-- Religion Teacher's Journal

"The message that we are all radiant beings reaches more than the intellect -- it rushes directly to the heart."
-- New Age Journal

"Beautifully crafted, personal and profou8nd. It was for me a totally spiritual experience."
-- Colin Higgins, Screenwriter/Director; Harold & Maude and Nine to Five