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Title: Psychoactive Sacramentals
Author: Thomas B. Roberts

Review By: CB
Reviewer's URL:
Rating: Highly Recommended
Date: Aug 2003

I have to admit. When I opened this book I was starting from a jaded point of view. I have read a lot of books on entheogens and it seems that there is little ground that has not been travelled when it comes to the intellectualisation of an experience that in all reality has little to do with intellectualisation.

As I made my way through the chapters, I gained more appreciation for the insights and understandings which some of the luminaries in this field have gained over the years of entheogen research and inquiry. The book is a banquet of ideas that stuck to me like a syrup of understanding. By the end of the book, I felt as if I had really enhanced and improved the depth of my knowledge in this area. What a read and what a wade through the potentialities available in the exploration of consciousness.

There is so much covered in this book that there is little else that I can say except : read it!

Highly recommended.

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