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Title: Pharmako/Dynamis
Author: Dale Pendell

Review By: CB
Reviewer's URL:
Rating: Highly Recommended
Date: Jan 2003

Dale has dazzled us again with the recent release of Pharmako/Dynamis. For all those enchanted by Dale's first book, 'Pharmako/Poeia', do not read this review. Go and get the book. You will not be disappointed. Others of you who know little about Dale's work... read on.

Dale completes his two-volume series in this work covering the "excitantia" and "empathogenica" aspects of the poison path. As you may guess with these names you will see the likely suspects; coffee, tea, ephedra, MDMA, GHB and other well knowns exposed for their influence upon consensus reality.

Take another trip along the self-poisoner's path with Dale as he delivers deep understanding of all aspects of these materials including history of use, individual discovery, chemical constituents and spiritual ally.

With the sword of a poet he delivers you into the world of 'sacred' materials. With his treatment of chocolate, he illustrates its influence upon cultures from the Aztec to the New World and subsequent effect upon history.

Amazingly researched and wonderfully written, Pharmako/Dynamis is definitely a complemetary addition to his first book and a welcome addition to all libraries.

Even if you don't have Dale's first book, this one can stand alone on its own merits. Highly recommended.

CB 20030114

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