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Introduction to Neuropharmacology
by Leslie Iversen, Susan Iversen, Floyd E. Bloom & Robert H. Roth
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Reviewed by Bita Moghaddam, Ph.D. , 5/5/2010

Introduction to Neuropharmacology begins with several informative introductory chapters that summarize pertinent multidisciplinary information on cytology and bioelectrical properties of neurons, synaptic transduction, behavioral models, and basic pharmacology. Although this information is brief, it is a masterful compilation of the fundamental background needed to move on to subsequent specialized chapters. The next eight chapters review the neuropharmacology of specific neurotransmitter and neuromodulator systems. This section is informative and provides excellent reference material related to synthesis and degradation, morphology, pharmacology, and the signal transduction mechanisms associated with these neuronal systems. The chapters on monoamines are especially thorough and well written, and cover classic pharmacology as well as some of the recent advances from human imaging and genetics studies. The one shortcoming of this section is that some of the key neuronal systems that are relatively new to the field are barely covered. ...

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Originally Published In : American Journal of Psychiatry

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