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Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription
by Ethan Russo
Haworth Press 
Book Reviews
Reviewed by Midevil, 9/23/2005

Cannabis is a very thorough text describing research on cannabis extracts as part of modern prescription medicine. The clinical trials involved are meticulously outlined for the reader. The material highlights how much work and analysis goes into complex pharmaceutical testing. Along with the research, Russo has included some aspects of marijuana history. There are a couple photographs of plants as well. The comprehensive bibliographies included will keep those who want to read further quite busy.

You’ll need a dictionary every so often, to help you read through this work, if you haven’t studied pharmacology. A master’s in medieval medicine didn’t prepare me to be part of the targeted audience for this book—the pharmaceutical PhD candidate is much more suited to reading about all the variables and elements that go into the intense coverage of these studies of cannabis extracts and their applications for various ailments, from migraines to Multiple Sclerosis. While I certainly learned quite a few things, such as cultivating plants and issues like patient history or influencing conditions, the details of the clinical studies were too overwhelming for somebody who had never been exposed to the process.

The book answers positively the question of whether cannabis extracts have a place in modern medical applications. It also provides evidence for approval of secured, measured applicators that deliver doses while preventing potential abuse of the extracts. If you are up for some heavy duty reading on the subject, this book is for you. If you want something that is light and yet also proves the validity of cannabis in medicine, this book is too dry, because it is a research presentation.

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