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Dangerous Drugs: An Easy-to-Use Reference for Parents and Professionals
by Carol L. Falkowski
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Reviewed by Midevil, 5/5/2005

Dangerous Drugs covers a wide variety of substances, from illegal (like marijuana and khat) to legal, such as caffeine and alcohol. The book is split up into easily navigated sections that discuss a wide range of basic issues, including drug effects and withdrawal symptoms. A few pages of color photos in the middle of the book provide the uneducated reader with images of various drugs and relevant paraphernalia.

The information is provided in clear language for the readers. The author tries to avoid discriminating against different types of users, acknowledging that substance use is diverse and difficult to measure. Members of the arts community may disagree with Falkowski’s stance that “people use drugs and alcohol to feel good. That’s it.” She avoids that scene. She does acknowledge that “not every person who uses illegal drugs eventually becomes addicted”, although it is still counted within the negative consequences of societal drug use.

I recommend Dangerous Drugs for people who have little to no experience or education about drugs, those who are thinking about drug use, or those who take substances without realizing potential consequences. This reference is not for the well-rounded individual who already has a small library about substances at home, or is out there on the street; it’s for the beginner or the parent that doesn’t know why his or her child is coming home after school with glassy eyes.

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