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Analysis Anonymous
PharmChem Newsletter (1972-1984)
An Anonymous Mail-In Drug Testing Service in the US from 1972 to 1984
PharmChem's Test Tube Cartoon
PharmChem's Test Tube Cartoon
PharmChem Newsletter
In 2002, Erowid received paper copies of the PharmChem newsletters dated 1972 through 1978. We photocopied and scanned the issues in greyscale. In 2015, we learned that the Shulgin Archive included original copies of the same set of newsletters. And we've collected a few copies of the last few issues from libraries that document the end of the Analysis Anonymous program on May 31, 1984.

We have been told that it was PharmChem's incredible anonymous mail-in analysis work that led directly to the DEA's 1974 Federal Register formalization of rules against anonymous drug checking, making it illegal for most DEA-licensed labs to do anonymous analysis of controlled substances.

We have previously published PharmChem testing results in our LSD History Vault.

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