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Psychozoic Press

Erowid Editions & Scanned Copies

The Psychozoic Press was a subscription-based quarterly "informational advisory and communication exchange paper" on psychedelics. Edited by Elvin D. Smith, ten issues were produced between fall 1982 and summer 1985. In issue #9, which came out in autumn of 1984, Thomas Lyttle--a regular contributor to the publication--came on board as a second editor. Following issue #10, the editors continued publishing under a new name: Psychedelic Monographs and Essays (PM&E). Originally envisioned as a bi-annual publication, six issues of PM&E were released between 1985 and 1993, with Lyttle taking the editorial lead, and Smith providing assistance until his death in 1988. Lyttle remained active in the psychedelic community until his death in 2008.

The Psychozoic Press was banged out on a typewriter during a time before computer desktop publishing was commonplace. Presumably each issue had a modest production run; responding to a request for back issues from Oscar Janiger that appeared in the final issue, the editors mentioned that many of the original issues of the Psychozoic Press were out of print, noting that "good clean xerox copies might be provided to the truly interested." Unfortunately, Erowid has never borne witness to any "good clean" photocopies of this publication. Instead, there has been limited distribution in the years since then of horribly muddy photocopies, in some cases with sections of the text cut off entirely.

In 2010 & 2011, order to preserve and disseminate this interesting window into psychedelic culture of the early 1980s, Erowid created newly typeset digital versions of some issues of the Psychozoic Press. Illustrations included were scanned from original copies of the publication. All contact addresses and advertisements contained in these issues should be considered out-of-date. Minor edits--corrections of typos and misspellings, in addition to formatting improvements--were made in the Erowid Editions of the Psychozoic Press. Nevertheless, not all information contained within these issues is factually correct, and content corrections were largely not attempted; these texts should be supplemented with readings from contemporary sources of information on psychoactives.

Erowid has also posted scans of some of the original issues, and we will eventually post all of these.

Erowid Edition: Fall, 1982 - Issue No. 1 (PDF)

Erowid Edition: Winter, 1982 - Issue No. 2 (PDF)

Erowid Edition: Spring, 1983 - Issue No. 3 (PDF), Scanned Original (PDF)

Erowid Edition: Summer, 1983 - Issue No. 4 (PDF), Scanned Original (PDF)

Scanned Original: Fall, 1983 - Issue No. 5 (PDF)

Scanned Original: Winter, 1983 - Issue No. 6 (PDF)

Scanned Original: Spring, 1984 - Issue No. 7 (PDF)
The article "The Lepiota Peele Mushroom" is still available along with a spore print of this species from the Florida Mycology Research Center.

Scanned Original: Summer, 1984 - Issue No. 8 (PDF)

Scanned Original: Autumn, 1984 - Issue No. 9 (PDF)