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Salvinorin: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
by D.M. Turner
#1  D.M. Turner- 1.3 mg. salvinorin 

For my first journey I smoked approximately 1.3 mg. of salvinorin.Immediately after smoking I felt the effects coming on, and seemed to loseconsciousness after a few seconds. My next recollections are of movingabout in what could have been a suburban American town in the 50's or 60's.However, I was not a person, nor did I remember ever having been a person,or taken any drug. At some point in my travels it seemed that I had stoppedmoving. I was perceiving everything as though I was an exterior wall of ahouse. I could see a yard, a street, and a village with many trees around.It could have been from my childhood. but does not bring to mind anyspecific memories.

I soon realized that I was "glued" to this particular existence as the sideof a house. I had become something inanimate and material, yet I was awareof life around me, and knew that I had recently been a particular humanbeing prior to taking some powerful psychedelic. I tried to return to myprevious human identity and found I was unable to do so. I felt that I was stuck for eternity as the side of this house, and an acute sense of fear and terror began to develop.

In my struggle I tried to move and distinctly felt the force which wasanesthetizing my body, inducing the trance, and holding me asthough I was possessed. These sensations felt extremely similar to how N.N.DMT feels in these respects, only stronger. I realized my body was lying onmy bed, frozen, with my jaw hanging open in a state of astonishment. I knewthat whatever I'd taken was not DMT, but as I identified these effects asDMT-like, I felt that I'd taken a step towards escaping from the spellwhich I found myself under. As I continued to struggle back to consensusreality there were moments when it seemed the spell would never end, andthere was even temptation to just rest in it.  I did not feel particularly uncomfortable, only somewhat when I attempted to return to my human identity and found myself unable to do so. I felt perturbed at whoever had given me this bizarre psychedelic. Why would someone give me a substance which would leave me eternally existing as the side of a house ? This reminded me of some of theweird tales I'd heard of others who had tried this substance. I couldrelate to their experiences, and remembering that they had somehow returnedfrom this realm gave me confidence in my own returning, It then seemed veryimportant that I remember the name of the person who had given me thesubstance, that this would somehow lead me back to sanity. After passingthrough various names I associate with psychedelics I came up with thecorrect name, and upon remembering this was able to pull myself out of bed.I immediately began walking towards the door of my room. Before the journeyI had placed a note on the door as a reminder not to wander outside, andupon seeing this note, sat down to await the conclusion of the journey.Looking at the clock I saw that I'd spent 11 minutes in the trance.This experience was quite different from any of my later salvinorinjourneys. It is the only time I recall becoming a two dimensional object,although similar experiences have been reported by a large percentage ofusers. The sensation of getting stuck or glued to a spot while travelingthrough hyperspace is also common, and has occurred on some of my otherjourneys. During this journey I also had the idea that salvinorin can onlybe passed on from one person to the next. I have had this idea repeatedly in my salvinorin journeys, but still do not comprehend its meaning.

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