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Salvinorin: The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum
by D.M. Turner

Salvinorin A is the primary psychoactive component of Salvia divinorum. a member of the sage family found in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Salvinorin A is the most potent naturally occurring psychedelic known, and in many ways the most enigmatic. Those using salvinorin A find it frequently induces experiences of an intensity level which is an order of magnitude beyond those experienced with any other psychedelic, even DMT. The dimensions visited under the influence of salvinorin A are described as extremely bizarre and varied, with several aspects not common to other psychedelic experiences.

Many who have used salvinorin A find the experience extremely unnerving, frightening and overly intense. Most have no desire to repeat the experience. although there are a few who have taken a liking to this entheogen and are working to develop a relationship with it. Early experiments by pioneering psychonauts suggest that access to benignly expansive realms, as well as new and very real dangers. are possible with this material. Salvinorin A also presents us with an entirely novel chemical structure for a psychedelic drug. It's the first psychedelic diterpene to be discovered, while nearly all other known psychedelics are alkaloids.

The following pages discuss the history and botany of the rare and little-known plant. Salvia divinorum, and the recent isolation of its immensely powerful active principal, salvinorin A. Since the first human experiment with this substance three years ago. salvinorin A has generated significant interest within the psychedelic community, and promises to challenge our basic understanding of consciousness and the functioning of the mind. Presented here are results of the early human experiments with salvinorin A, many in the form of first-hand reports which give lucid descriptions of the bizarre and multifaceted worlds of Salvia divinorum.

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