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[3D .mol structure]
SYNTHESIS: A solution of 120 mg mercuric chloride in 160 mL H2O was poured over 4.7 g aluminum foil (Reynolds Wrap, regular weight, cut into 1 inch squares) and allowed to stand until the amalgamation was well underway (about 30 min). The H2O was then drained and the foil washed with 2x200 mL H2O with thorough draining. There was then added, in sequence and with good swirling and agitation between each addition, 8.5 g ethylamine hydrochloride dissolved in 7 mL H2O, 21 mL IPA, 17 mL 25% NaOH, 7.1 g 1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-pentanone (see the recipe for METHYL-K for its preparation), and finally 40 mL IPA. The reaction mixture was periodically heated on the steam bath to keep the reaction moving and active. After all the metal had been consumed, the mixture was filtered, and the filter cake washed with MeOH. The solvent was removed from the combined filtrate and washings, and the residue suspended in 800 mL dilute HCl. This was washed with 3x100 mL Et2O, made basic with 25% NaOH, and extracted with 3x100 mL CH2Cl2. The pooled extracts were stripped of solvent under vacuum yielding a residue of 6.3 g of an amber oil. This was distilled at 115-125 °C at 0.4 mm/Hg to give 5.61 g of an almost white liquid which was dissolved in 28 mL IPA, neutralized with concentrated HCl, and diluted with 100 mL anhydrous Et2O. The resulting clear solution became cloudy, then set up in a cottage cheese texture, and then all broke up to a beautiful loose solid. This was filtered, Et2O washed and air dried to give 5.99 g 2-ethylamino-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)pentane hydrochloride (ETHYL-K) with a mp of 157-158 °C. Anal. (C14H22ClNO2) C,H.

DOSAGE: (greater than 40 mg).

DURATION: unknown.

QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 40 mg) There was a paresthetic twinge in my shoulder area at about an hour--other than that, absolutely nothing.

EXTENSIONS AND COMMENTARY: And that is as high a dose as has apparently ever been tried with ETHYL-K. The compounds with the hexane chain (L-series) rather than the pentane chain of the K-series have been made, but they have been spun into the recipe for METHYL-K.

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