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Mushroom Pioneers
by John W. Allen
Information about Online Edition
This online publication of John W. Allen's book Mushroom Pioneers was HTMLed by Erowid and John Allen. Very small edits have been made to the text of the book, but largely the text remains as it was published as a CDROM by John Allen in 2002. The images have been edited for online viewing. Allen expanded the book "Mushroom Pioneers" after its first print publication in 2000. The current version of the book incorporates two other booklets published by John Allen in 1999 and 2000 about R. Gordon Wasson and Maria Sabina, respectively.

The HTML and editing by Erowid was conducted in November and December 2006 with permission of and in collaboration with John Allen. Typos and corrections will be corrected in the document and are invited from visitors. Errors and inaccuracies in the data in the text will need to be reviewed by the author before changes can be made to the document. Please submit any problems with this document to

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