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Mushroom Pioneers
by John W. Allen
Endorsement Blurbs for Mushroom Pioneers

1.) "Use of psilocybian mushrooms constituted the fourth great wave of entheogenic awareness and distribution (after iffy plants like the Daturas, along with marijuana; the wave created by peyote and mescaline; and then that resulting exfoliation of LSD throughout a significant population in the 1960's and beyond).

"These wondrous mushrooms are notable in that they, a) are easily identifiable, b) spring up quite naturally across many segments of both the Old and New Worlds, and c) are gentle in action (in contrast to the 'coercive' nature of other major psychedelics, which tend to emphasize 'ego-death,' for instance).

"Here John W. Allen describes the rather long and strangely convoluted incursion of mind-altering mushrooms via historical vignettes, by snapshots of the principle players, and by the most extensive annotated bibliography of relevant papers and books…that brings this entire field of knowledge into the 21st century.

"J. W.., mycologist extraordinaire, I salute you!"

    - Peter Stafford, author of The Psychedelic Encyclopedia, Psychedelic Baby Reaches Puberty and Magic Grams.

2.) "Mushroom Pioneers is a fascinating account of several individuals who were pivotal in the investigation of psychotropic mushrooms and the introduction of these phenomena into Western medicine and science. John W. Allen has documented an important historical development in this book, and provides his readers with a litany of men and women who rescued an ancient tradition from obscurity."

    - Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School; co-editor Varieties of Anomalous Experience.

3.) "John W. Allen, the mushroom man, is our celestial tour guide in a school without walls. Rogue scholar, adventurer and gentleman forager, his works surrounding psychedelic mushrooms are 'must reads'. Allen's books are essential and always a treat."

    - Thomas Lyttle, editor "Psychedelic Monographs and Essays," and "Psychedelics Reimagined."

Image 17. Half-sized in vitro Ban Hua Thanon Shrooms from Thailand.