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Mushroom Pioneers
by John W. Allen
A Gallery of Photographs
(click to enlarge)

Fig. 35. John W. Allen
Amsterdam, Psychoactivity, 1998
Fig. 36. Richard Evans Schultes and
Jonathan Ott, 2nd International Conference on
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington, October 1977
Fig. 37. Albert Hofmann
2nd International Conference on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington
October 1977
Fig. 38. Gastón Guzmán and R. Gordon Wasson
Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington, 1977
Fig. 39. R. Gordon Wasson, Jonathan Ott, Gastón Guzmán
1978, EVA in Washington
Fig. 40. Terence McKenna and John W. Allen
Aro-Space, Seattle, 1999
Photo: Paige Powell
Fig. 41. Front row: Marty Burton, Jonathan Ott
Djahel Vinaver, Alan Pence and John W. Allen
Back row 3rd from left, David Orr. Maui, 1992
Fig. 42. Left to right: Dennis Mckenna, Leonard Enos,
Jochen Gartz, John W. Allen, Jonathan Ott.
Between and behind Gartz and Allen is Rick Doblin.
Chapman University, 1994
Fig. 43. J. W. Allen, J. Ott & P. Stamets
Psychoactivity Conference, Amsterdam, 1998
Fig. 44. R. Gordon Wasson and John W. Allen
presenting a Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification poster to Wasson. Photo: Michael Aldridge.
Fig. 45. Andrew Weil, University of Hawaii
Drug Awareness Week. 1988
Fig. 46. David Tatelman
President of Homestead Book Co., with friend.
Fig. 47. Roger LiggenstorfferFig. 48. Christian Rätsch
Fig. 49. Paul Stamets presenting a lecture at the
1st International Conference on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms, 1976
Photo: Linda Dear
Fig. 50. Stephen Pollock and Andrew Weil
relaxing between lectures, 1976
Photo: Linda Dear
Fig. 51. Mushroom Pioneers at the
Hallucinogen and Shamanism in Native American Life Symposium
San Francisco, October-November 1978
Fig. 52. Paul Stamets
Amsterdam, Psychoactivity, 1998
Fig. 53. Jonathan Ott
Amsterdam, Psychoactivity, 1998
Fig. 54. Ron Piper
Gathering of the Minds, Chapman University, 1994
Fig. 55. John Lilly, John Beresford and Peter StaffordFig. 56. Timothy Leary, Courtesy of Ron Piper
Copyright by Michael Sullivan/Black Star/PNI.
Fig. 57. John Allegro
Photo: Wolfgang Baeur
Fig. 58. Albert Hofmann
speaking on German Television
Photo: Herman de Vries.
Image 10: Shroom World Starlight.Fig. 59. Wolfgang Bauer at the Fly-Agaric-Exhibition
of the Reiss-Museum in Mannheim, Germany
Photo: Katja Redemann-Bauer
Fig. 60. Martin Hanslmeier (left) with Jochen Gartz
in the Waldviertal (Austria) hunting psilocybin mushrooms.
Fig. 61. Edzard Klapp at the Fly-Agaric-Exhibition
of the Reiss-Museum in Mannhein, Germany.
Photo: Wolfgang Bauer
Fig. 62. Hartmut Geerkin while on Fly-Agaric,
20 m deep in a mountain at Andechs, Bavaria
attending an isolation experiment for the Max-Planck Institute.
Photo: Automatic Release.
Fig. 63. Sergius Golowin (left) with family
in the Swiss Jura Mountains.
Photo: Wolfgang Bauer
Image 11: Graphic Design by John W. AllenFig. 64. Herman de Vries (first right with drum)
with Roger Liggenstorfer (second left),
Jochen Gartz (first left) and the car of Gartz
with the license plate LSD 25
in the Steigerwald, Germany. Photo: Wolfgang Bauer.
Image 12: Shroom Gate
Graphic Design by John W. Allen
Fig. 65. Johanna Wagner among her ascaris
in the national park Nbi in Kenia, Africa.
Fig. 66. James Arthur and John W. Allen
at Breitenbush Annual Mushroom Conference, 2000.
Fig. 67. Journalist Aquila Natchi and Jochen Gartz
Italian Conference on Psychoactive Drugs, 2000.
Fig. 68. John W. Allen (on knees),
John Leonard (in foreground),
and Karl L.R. Jansen (tall one).
Fig. 70. Roy Watling. Photo by John W. Allen
Fig. 71. Mark Merlin, Prakitsin Sihanonth and John W. Allen.
Photographer unknown.
Image 13: Shroom Girls in a Plastic Bubble
Fig. 72. John W. Allen in Shirt Hand-Painted by Wipaporn of Koh Samui
Photographer unknown.
Fig 73. A. Hofmann and R. G. Wasson
Fig. 74. Jeremy Bigwood
Photographer unknown.