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The author and publishers of this guide do not condone or condemn those who are seeking an alternative state of consciousness. However, we feel that this information should be provided freely for those individuals who feel a need to study the various aspects of entheogenic mind-altering fungi which occur in Australia and New Zealand. It is not the intention of the writer nor the publisher that this guide is to be used for the purpose of the illicit human consumption of said described fungi.

This book is the first complete guide to entheogenic mushrooms to be published on the internet. This Index has received 579838 hits.

ISBN: 158214-098-7
Copyright 1999 by John W. Allen and
All photographs are by John W. Allen except Psilocybe aucklandii and Psilocybe australiana By C.J. King, Gymnopilus purpuratus by Jochen Gartz, and Psilocybe subaeruginosa by R.V. Southcott.


  1. Introduction
  2. Cattle as a possible dispersal mechanism for psychoactive dung fungi
  3. Common epithets
  4. Public awareness of psilocybian fungi
  5. Psychoactive potency of agaric species
  6. Dosage levels
  7. Dosages for woodchip species
  8. Methods of ingestion
  9. Identification of Australian psychoactive fungi
  10. Other suspected Australian psychoactive fungi
  11. Chemical identification of Australian psychoactive fungi
  12. Psychoactive effects of psilocybian mushrooms
  13. Psilocybian mushroom poisoning
  14. Accidental ingestions down under
  15. Treatment for psilocybian mushroom poisoning
  16. Flashbacks
  17. Psilocybian fungi and the law
  18. Psilocybian mushrooms in New Zealand
  19. Some final thoughts
  20. Table I: Suspected species which are not psychoactive
  21. Table II:Hallucinogenic fungi identified from Australia and New Zealand
  22. Table III: Australasia. species in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand
  23. Acknowledgements
  24. Suggested Readings

v1.1 - Aug 8, 2003, removed Psilocybe cyanescens from guide as its reports from Australia were in error.
v1.0 - Jun 13, 1999

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