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LSD - My Problem Child
by Albert Hofmann
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Translator's Preface

1. How LSD Originated
1.1. First Chemical Explorations
1.2. Ergot
1.3. Lysergic Acid and Its Derivatives
1.4. Discovery of the Psyhic Effects of LSD
1.5. Self-Experiments

2. LSD in Animal Experiments and Biological Research
2.1. How Toxic Is LSD?
2.2. Pharmacological Properties of LSD

3. Chemical Modifications of LSD

4. Use of LSD in Psychiatry
4.1. First Self-Experiment by a Psychiatrist
4.2. The Psychic Effects of LSD

5. From Remedy to Inebriant
5.1. Nonmedical Use of LSD
5.2. Sandoz Stops LSD Distribution
5.3. Dangers of Nomnedicinal LSD Experiments
5.4. Psychotic Reactions
5.5. LSD from the Black Market
5.6. The Case of Dr. Leary
5.7. Meeting with Timothy Leary
5.8. Travels in the Universe of the Soul
5.9. Dance of the Spirits in the Wind
5.10. Polyp from the Deep
5.11. LSD Experience of a Painter
5.12. A Joyous Song of Being

6. The Mexican Relatives of LSD
6.1. The Sacred Mushroom Teonanacatl
6.2. Psilocybin and Psilocin
6.3. A Voyage into the Universe of the Soul with Psilocybin
6.4. Where Time Stands Still
6.5. The "Magic Morning Glory" Ololiuhqui
6.6. In Search of the Magic Plant "Ska Maria Pastora" in the Mazatec Country
6.7. Ride through the Sierra Mazateca
6.8. A Mushroom Ceremony

7. Radiance from Ernst Junger
7.1. Ambivalence of Drug Use
7.2. An Experiment with Psilocybin
7.3. Another LSD Session

8. Meeting with Aldous Huxley

9. Correspondence with the Poet-Physician Walter Vogt

10. Various Visitors

11. LSD Experience and Reality
11.1. Various Realities
11.2. Mystery and Myth

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