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The Essential Psychedelic Guide
by D.M. Turner



    All of the multiple combinations listed here I have tried in my personal experiments. Some of these combinations may not have been tried by anyone but myself, and they may affect other people differently. Those who use multiple combinations typically exercise a high degree of caution, especially with MAO inhibitors. These combinations can be very heavy, both physically and mentally.  

Mushrooms + Syrian Rue + N,N-DMT + Nitrous Oxide + Ketamine -  
    This experimental session was quite enjoyable and exceeded my expectations. The mushrooms + Syrian Rue was a medium strength dose, pleasant but not overwhelming. The DMT added to the experience, especially in the visual context, and the nitrous blasts felt great whenever I did them. The unique portion came towards the end of the experience when I injected 75 mg. of Ketamine, my first time using it in combination with mushrooms. The Ketamine experience overpowered what was left of the previous high but was pleasantly enhanced having a wider range of feelings than on Ketamine alone. I was semi-consciously aware of my body chanting and moving about during part of this time. This is something which is common with DMT + Syrian Rue but had not happened to me on Ketamine before. Additional journeys with mushrooms + Ketamine initially produced good results. However, I eventually decided this combination was not appropriate. My reasons for this are discussed in the previous chapter.  

LSD + Ketamine + N,N-DMT -  
    I started with 200 mcg. of acid. Two hours later, after the acid high had stabilized, I injected 100 mg. of Ketamine, my first time trying this combination. It was one of my best Ketamine journeys and lasted about 1 1/2 hours. I smoked N,N-DMT a couple of times after the Ketamine journey had ended. The DMT produced its usual effects but seemed to be diminished in intensity by the lingering Ketamine. The same amounts of N,N-DMT taken on LSD alone would have produced much intenser experiences. I no longer use DMT with Ketamine. Another drawback with this combination was with the extension of the Ketamine recovery period. This is the period after the Ketamine journey during which one is no longer tripping, but is waiting to feel normal again. While on acid this period was extended by another hour or two, and pretty much blew the rest of the acid trip.  

    On subsequent LSD + Ketamine trips I have taken the Ketamine toward the end of the session. This makes the recovery period much less unpleasant, particularly if I remain in bed until falling asleep. In many of these experiences I have found myself in a relaxed hallucinatory state during the recovery period.  

LSD + Syrian Rue + N,N-DMT + 5-MeO-DMT + Nitrous Oxide + Cannabis -  
    This combination felt absolutely beautiful. The combination of Harmala + LSD + DMT (in either form) is the basis of the trip. The cannabis and nitrous are sort of add-one. The experience of combining these psychedelics as a group produced effects similar to the combinations of two substances as described in the chapters on LSD, DMT, and the Harmala alkaloids. In comparison with a typical LSD trip there was vastly more space or information to explore, and it felt infused with a spiritual quality.  

LSD + Ludiomil + Nitrous Oxide (+ Ketamine) -  
    In the LSD chapter I discussed the effects of LSD + Ludiomil. This combination intensifies the LSD experience and also produces intense dream activity in the subsequent nights. In this experiment I tried ingesting the Ludiomil some two hours into the LSD trip. The amount of dream activity subsequent to this experience was far less than my previous experience when I'd ingested the Ludiomil before taking the LSD.  

    The Ludiomil took effect some 15 minutes after ingesting, and the change was quite apparent. It intensified the acid high and produced what I'll describe as a "platinum plated" acid trip. It was as though every perception and thought were coated with a silverish translucent light. I described this in the LSD chapter as a "thin invisible membrane between myself and anything my senses touched upon."  

    The most spectacular part of this journey came later when I took a balloon of nitrous oxide. I have tried nitrous with virtually every psychedelic and every combination. I thought I knew the limits of the nitrous experience and was quite unprepared for the remarkable transformation that took place. I can only describe it as a totally hilarious, melting through the bottom of the universe as it all came swirling down into me. The "melting" sensation of this experience was most distinct from the common nitrous high.  

    In my third experiment with this combination I took the Ludiomil five hours prior to the LSD. This produced significantly more dream activity during subsequent nights than when I'd ingested the Ludiomil after the LSD. This trip also allowed me to take a closer look at the "membrane" between my mind and what I perceived. On this occasion I saw the membrane as a spongy, or even spring-loaded barrier, between my mind and the world. It seems as though Ludiomil functions by creating a time-delay buffer zone which prevents rapid responses and changes in the mind.  

    During this experience I injected a small dose of Ketamine, 45 mg. I found it produced a quite unique Ketamine experience in which I had more freedom to shift between an individual and an infinite perspective than ever before.  

LSD + Ketamine -  
    This experience took place while I was backpacking in Death Valley Using psychedelics in natural environments, and in solitude, tends to produce intense experiences. However, taking psychedelics in the wilderness can be dangerous for someone who is not experienced with both psychedelic use and in surviving harsh terrain. Psychedelics can easily disrupt several basic survival instincts, such as sense of direction and sense of time. The unique portion of this experience came during the LSD trip. I had ingested some 350 mcg., an amount which for me normally produces only peripheral visual phenomenon.  

    As I hiked through the mountains of Death Valley there were some perceptions which I feel led to my experience. I had been closely observing some small lizards which move at an amazing speed in the hot desert sun. In trying to synchronize with a lizard's mind, it was quite apparent that its time sense, as well as the flow of information from its sense organs to its responding muscles, was worlds apart from that of a human. Then, while hiking in a canyon, I noticed what appeared as webbing strewn across the canyon walls. Upon looking closer this turned out to be a harder material than the rock below eroding at a slower pace and standing out in ridges of web-shaped formations. It appeared to have been created during volcanic eruptions of molten minerals at the time the mountains were formed. The canyon, cutting ever deeper into the mountain's side, was revealing the history of the terrain.  

    As I sat back to rest and closed my eyes, my visual sphere became filled with visions of desert animals like snakes and scorpions, images which are typical of a session in the desert. The next vision that appeared was a distinct image of a saber tooth tiger. I thought of early humans who were hunted by such animals, and the strength of the impression this must have made on the minds of my ancient ancestors. This train of thought progressed and I saw large, hairy, bear-like forest animals who probably left similar impressions on the species consciousness. As my mind progressed further back in time I began to see creatures of the dinosaur era which in ancient times had roamed the ground I was now resting on. And I was aware that going back along the evolutionary line I must have evolved from such creatures. I began to feel that in times past I had been each of the animals that I saw, the predators who hunted, and the victims who fled from the predators with fear and were eaten. Then my mind's eye opened up and time spread out to infinity. I saw and experienced all the manifestations that the land around me had been through over millions of years, and the lives of all creatures that had lived there. This myriad detailed lives and visions was simultaneously present in my mind with startling clarity for a timeless moment. I had become the One Mind onto which all the experiences of time have been etched. I went past this fulcrum and saw myself retreating to my individual perspective. The afterglow of this experience infused the next several hours of the acid high, and left me awed with the magic of the desert environment.  

    By the time the full moon was high in the sky I had hiked to the salt flats and administered Ketamine while at the lowest elevation in the United States. I felt that I became part of the earth and penetrated to levels deep within the "mind" of the planetary consciousness. Becoming part of the earth's spirit is something frequently experienced by myself and others while on Ketamine.  

2C-B + Mushrooms (+ Ketamine) -  
    2C-B + Mushrooms is the first psychedelic combination I tried that does not work. I had very high hopes for this combination, along with Ketamine, since at that time both 2C-B and mushrooms combined spectacularly with Ketamine if taken alone. (However, I later came to the conclusion that Ketamine should not be combined with psilocybin or any other natural psychedelic.) The first time I tried this combination I took 25 mg. of 2C-B and 5 grams of mushrooms. Both of these quantities will produce a trip of decent intensity for most people, but produce only threshold trips for me, due to my high tolerance and familiarity with the experience. In general my experience was one of feeling "dopey" or "drugged," a somewhat dumb and unfocused state of mind.  

    There was a brief moment in this experience that was lucid and quite marvelous. During this period the universes of both the 2C-B experience and the mushroom experience were available simultaneously, as though two different "parallel realities" were coexisting in the same physical space-time, and I was able to move about these two universes freely. Based on this short experience of a unique and useful state of mind, I decided that the next time I tried this combination I would try a much larger dose of each substance.  

    At the time I did my first 2C-B + mushroom journey I was down to my last dose of Ketamine, with no likely possibilities of obtaining more. The most remarkable portion of this trip came just before I injected my final dose of K. I decided to sit and meditate on how profoundly my Ketamine experiences had changed my life, how valuable they had been to me, and how sacred the opportunity to experience these states of consciousness was. I also prayed that this mind-altering substance would become available to me again. Anyway, when I sat to meditate and pray, the energy became so intense and focused that I was absolutely amazed. My abilities in meditation and concentration have waned over the past few years, but at that moment I felt like I could wield my will and mind like Luke Skywalker wields his light stick in Star Wars. This force was so strong that it was frightening.  

    After this staggering meditation session I was ready to inject my last dose of K. This I did, and had a typical Ketamine trip. I would definitely say that it was less spectacular than my K trips taken in combination with either 2C-B or mushrooms alone.  

    The second time I tried 2C-B + mushrooms was seven months later. For my second journey I took 50 mg. of 2C-B and 10 grams of mushrooms, doses large enough to do the trick for me. However, the experience produced by taking a aufficient dose was strongly negative. I felt as though a mesh of interference patterns was placed before my awareness, obscuring all thought and perception. It seemed like the 2C-B and mushrooms were trying to alter my consciousness in opposing directions, and they frustrated each other's efforts. I also had a feeling that I was hexed, that there was some force preventing me from venturing into an expanded state of awareness.  

    This general feeling of confinement and oppression led to negative thoughts and feelings, producing the longest lasting and most unpleasant psychedelic trip I've had in years. It felt like a serious slap in the face, an infusion of the states of mind and reality tunnels that some of life's less fortunate people have to endure.  

    Always the experimenter, I decided to try Ketamine in the midst of this journey, hoping it might reverse things. Initially the ego death produced by the K released me from what I'd been feeling, but with the return to self-awareness the negativity was spread out into the Ketamine domain.  

    I finally emerged from my tripping room and went up to my living room to put on some music. There I was startled to see a large black spider on the center cf my polished marble coffee table. It took less than a moment for me to realize that this was an omen, as I've rarely seen spiders of this size in the area I live, and never on the center of the coffee table that I built by hand. Omens that I've received in the past have included a bat flying into my home on halloween.  

    Based on these two experiences I've concluded that 2C-B + mushrooms is a combination not to be messed with, although I have a sense that a powerful shaman may be able to make use of it. Many South American shamans can control combinations which include the Belladonna alkaloids, a substance which drives some people to insanity. Of course, since 2C-B is a modern synthetic substance, there is no centuries-old tradition of shamanic use. And if it throws me for a loop, those who can master it must be few and far between.  

2C-B + Ketamine -  
    2C-B and Ketamine produce highs which are quite different. Taken in combination it feels like two streams crossing at right angles, thereby producing a uniquely new universe of experience. This combination works well with either a small or large dose of Ketamine (25 mg. to 100 mg.) With a smaller dose of Ketamine I do not go on the Ketamine journey, but the relaxed immersion in flowing psychedelic mental fireworks is most enjoyable. When used with 2C-B, the Ketamine recovery period is also diminished, with ease of movement, no feeling of nausea, and sometimes incredible physical energy. I have frequently emerged from the Ketamine journey and immediately begun dancing about like a whirling dervish, or assuming yogic asanas where intense subtle energies were traversing and harmonizing within my body.  

    As described in the Ketamine chapter, when K is used with 2C-B there seems to be significantly increased recollection of the Ketamine domain. This has been valuable to me in creating a "bridge" between normal reality and the bizarre and amazing world of the Ketamine experience.