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E for Ecstasy
by Nicholas Saunders

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Appendix 6: Sources of information
Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence (ISDD) 1 Hatton Place EC1N 8ND (Phone 071 430 1993)

The ISDD has the best reference library of papers on MDMA although quite a few are missing, presumed stolen. The staff are extremely helpful, and will obtain papers for you that they haven't got, though I have been waiting over 3 months for one. The library is open to the public with no questions asked, though you do need to phone to make an appointment before you come. The ISDD publishes Druglink which is obtainable on subscription for #19 a year. This contains articles and news, mainly sociological.

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), 1801 Tippah Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA (Phone (0101) 704 358 9830, Fax 704 358 1650)

MAPS is a charitable trust 'working to assist psychedelic researchers around the world design, obtain government approval, fund, conduct and report psychedelic research on humans.' Run by Rick Doblin, MAPS is supported by donations. Overseas subscribers pay a minimum of $40 which includes a fair-sized quarterly newsletter.

MAPS has had remarkable success recently in obtaining government approval for human trials involving MDMA in the USA, mentioned in this book. It is currently supporting a number of projects, and has recently provided financial support for a project in Russia which, subject to government approval, will test the use of MDMA in the treatment of alcoholism and neurosis.101

Books on MDMA
see index under 'Books'

Drug Consultation Bureau. Kerkstraat 258sous, 1017, HA Amsterdam, Holland (Phone 20-6237943)

This is a 'safe house' where people can have their drugs tested and get information without the risk of arrest. A fee or donation is asked for. Ring for an appointment.

Psychotherapy using MDMA in Switzerland
See reference 95, page 174.