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Modern humans must learn how to relate to psychoactives
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LSD in Group Therapy, A Life Transformed
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Trevor Trueheart
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Green Fir Publishing
This exciting and unique new work on LSD in psychotherapy offers the first description of life in the encounter group Tribe. In their quest for psychological growth, these two dozen people gathered periodically to ingest LSD.

After more than a decade of sworn secrecy, the author reveals the most intimate, personal details of his transformation. His skillful invetment of experience into words allows the reader to apply these insights to his or her own life experience. Triplepoint is the result of twelve years of intense group work followed by three challenging years effort to convert therapy notes and correspondence into this fascinating page-turner.

"If you want to live a healthy emotional life, this book will tell you how."
-- Freda Morris, PhD, author of Self-Hypnosis in 48 Hours and Hypnosis for Friends and Lovers

"An odyssey of self-discovery through trust, betrayal, and sheer guts."
-- Elaine Chernoff, PhD

"This is a book of Truths gleaned from the school of hard knocks; a real inspiration and testimonial to the power of self-healing."
-- Lee Sannella, MD, author of The Kundalini Experience